4 Simple Ways to Make Brakes Last Longer

Do you end up spending a fortune on repair and replacement of your car brakes? Wish to make brakes last longer? If the answer is affirmative, there is no reason for you to miss reading this blog post.

For some drivers getting the brakes repaired or replaced may be a common problem. And, usually, people end up blaming it on the car maker. The reality, however, is that the way you use your car brakes is, as much responsible for their condition as their quality. Whether you have a brand new car or a used car, you may be making some mistakes, even if unknowingly. There are also, however, many simple things you can do to make your car brakes last much longer than they normally do.

Useful Tips that Can Make Brakes Last Longer

1. Coasting Can Be a Good Thing

The fact of the matter is that the harder you break, the more the pressure on your brake pads. When you decelerate quickly from high speed to slow, it strains your brakes. Coasting, which may otherwise be regarded as a bad practice, actually helps ease the strain on the brakes. Coating well in time before braking is indeed a great practice.

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2. Speed Can Be Fatal for Your Breaks

The much clichéd advice ‘speed thrills but kills’ actually holds true; in this case, for your car brakes too. Sudden braking, while you are speeding/over speeding, exerts ruthless pressure onto the brake pads, thus causing considerable wear and tear of the brakes.

Proper car care make brakes last longer
Maintenance Tips To Make Brakes Last Longer. (photo source: Hotcars)

Speeding is anyway, not a recommended practice in any case. When your car is moving at a high speed, should the need to brake arise, it becomes sudden, because you may not be ready for it. When that happens, you, obviously, brake hard thus wearing off the brakes.

Moving within speed limits is a great way to make brakes last longer and indeed one of the many awesome car life hacks.

3. Unloading Helps a Great Deal

The heavier your car, the more strain on the brakes. A truck will need more braking power than a sedan. And this weight can either be the car’s own weight or the weight that you load in it. Since you cannot lighten the car’s own load, the least you can do is, lighten the weight that you have loaded it with. You can remove unnecessary things like extra tires and wheels, or any other sort of heavy stuff.

Reducing heavy stuff can make brakes last longer
Less strain on your car can make brakes last longer. (photo source: Aussie on a Brompton)

Driving around with unnecessary load in your car, actually takes a toll, not only on the brakes but also on the tires and gas. It may seem like a negligible change but it adds to the life of the car in the long run.

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4. Flush the Break Fluids

Please do renew your car brake fluids regularly, especially if you have an older vehicle. When you flush the old brake fluids periodically, you keep the brakes and all their components in good health. The mechanics call it bleeding and flushing – the process of renewing the brake fluids.

The fact that brake fluid attracts water, makes it necessary for you to change this fluid every few years to make brakes last longer.

Sometimes even the simplest of changes can cause the big difference and make brakes last longer.
If you have any question about car maintenance tips, feel free to leave a comment in the box below, our auto experts will answer it for you soon.