Amazing Driving Tips In Heavy Traffic For All Drivers

Rush hour is, without a doubt, the worst nightmare to every driver. With the development in number of vehicles as well as the users, heavy traffic occurs daily, whether it is rush hour or not. The situation makes driving tips in heavy traffic becomes more needed than ever. So in order to reach your destination on time, here are our most powerful driving tips when having heavy traffic and rush hour.

Driving Tips In Heavy Traffic & Rush Hour

Traffic jam definitely becomes a bigger problem day by day. And of course, no car owner wants to be stuck in the middle of the vehicles sea while their meeting is about to start. But what matter is that the rage and anger from drivers can cause dangerous and accidents for others. For that reason, we will provide you the list of driving tips in heavy traffic in order to be safe and sound on the road.

#1. Plan Your Driving Times

Driving tips in heavy traffic
Planning before driving is always necessary (photo source: lightpoet | Depositphotos)

A good plan is essential for every successful trip, and it is the same for driving. Every expert driver plan their start time carefully before grabbing the wheel. In most of the cases, you can easily get away from the heavy traffic jam with 20 minutes before or after the rush hour. Even though it depends on different cities, the rush hour time is usually from 7 am to 9 am, as well as 5 pm to 7 pm.

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#2. Remove The Distractions

Driving tips in heavy traffic
In a crowd road like this, using phone is definitely a bad idea (photo source: YouTube/eDriving)

This advice is truth for every driving moment: Turn off the phone! Getting stuck in heavy traffic conditions, people will easily become impatient, which leads to unwanted actions. Little do drivers know, social driving is as danger as drunk driving. In this situation, the best way to release from the stress is to switch off all the distractions: Silence or turn off the phone to avoid unwanted incoming calls and texts, along with turning off the music from the radio.

#3. Always Drive In Your Comfortable Speed

Driving tips in heavy traffic
Driving with comfortable speed keeps you safe (photo source: Shutterstock)

Remember, you are not in the race, so stick with your comfortable speed zone and do not hit the gas pedal. Even on the highway, it is important to make yourself safe rather than trying to be a little faster than the crowd. Rushing is not only merge you in the way you don’t want but also create threat to other drivers.

Driving too slow, however, can also make other people feeling impatient, which lead to impolite and danger behaviors.

#4. Pay Attention On The Road

Driving tips in heavy traffic
Paying attention at the rush hour to control yourself with the crowds (photo source: Shutterstock)

Always pay attention on the road is one of the key driving tips in heavy traffic. Looking forward the incoming crowd can help you measure the distance, as well as change the suitable speed to approach. In most of the cases, the heavy traffic will break up before your car reaches them, so a little slowing down is what we recommend.

Keep an eye on the road also helps you in some situations in which another vehicles sudden appear on your way.

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#5. Driving Defensively

Driving tips in heavy traffic
Keep yourself safe is crucial when joining heavy traffic (photo source:

Driving slow and carefully is what we would recommend you in this case. Heavy traffic usually results in many dangerous situations like if there are other cars merge and create impact,… and drivers should foresee these. Keep your eyes scanning the road and traffic. Along with that,

Drive defensively and carefully is one of the most important driving tips in heavy traffic.

#6. Use A Three Second Distance Rule

Driving tips in heavy traffic
Find yourself a sign or something else to calculate the distance (photo source:

The trick in every rush hour situation is the three second distance rule: Keep a three second distance from the traffic in front of you. Find yourself a sign, then while the in front vehicle passes by that sign, slowly count from one to three. When your car reaches the even position with the sign by number three, you already have the perfect three-second distance.

By doing this, not only you can have more time  to reach with any sudden braking from the heavy traffic but also stay away from the rush hour line.

#7. Escape From The Freeway

Driving tips in heavy traffic
If you feel stressful, escape from the traffic as fast as possible! (photo source:

Last but not least, always remember: You do not need to rush anything. If you are already late, just be late and spend more time for your safety. In some situations, you might not feel well due to sickness or the uncomfortable atmosphere from the traffic. Feeling stressful while driving in heavy traffic is very common, and there are many ways to avoid driving stress. In overwhelming cases, we recommend drivers to exit the freeway by turning on the emergency lights, pull to the side and take a short break until the traffic is less crowded and you have calmed down. After all, making yourself comfortable while driving is the most crucial thing!