High Cancer Risk From Using Car Inappropriately

You might think that car is such a wonderful invention for all the benefits it gives you: the ability to travel for far distance, comfortable seats, fresh atmosphere inside,… All of these help car becomes the closest friend to every driver. However, it can also be your worst nightmare for increasing cancer risk for using inappropriately. How it is possible you ask? After all, the safety which cars provide is graduated by experts all over the world! For that belief, keep reading to know how dangerous your beloved vehicle can affect your health.

Using Car The Wrong Way Increases Your Risk Of Getting Cancer 

According to doctors worldwide, skin cancer, breast cancer, anemia and even osteoporosis are common diseases if not using car the right way. But it’s not the end of the world, if car owners know how to avoid them.

Cancer By Air Conditioner 

Air conditioner cancer
Air conditioner has hidden threat to our health (photo source: allaboutautomotive.com)

Most drivers ( might be include you too) start the air conditioner right at the moment they step inside the car. And this is a dangerous habit drivers must avoid! According to scientists, the plastic objects in car will create benzen. This chemistry not only creates cancer but is also a toxic to human bones and blood while inhaling. Breathing benzen for a long period of time will increase risk of cancer for drivers and family.

Little do drivers know, parking under the sun raises the amount of benzen inside 40 times more than acceptable level, which is horribly dangerous. For that reason, car owners must open all the windows for about 2 minutes to release the toxic air, then turn on the AC and slowly reduce the temperature.

Skin Cancer By Driving

cancer driving man
The negative effect of sun light is terrible with drivers. (photo source: Shutterstock)

Driving for a long period of time can cause skin cancer and many other diseases if drivers lows the windows. Window car is designed to stop UVB ray, but cannot prevent UVA ray, which is a factor of skin cancer. When the tumor starts growing, it will develop mainly by connecting with continuously sun light while driving.

You must be wondering how to save yourself and other right? The best method is either changing the size of the windows or changing different type of glass. Anti UV glass can filter the ultraviolet ray, which reduce the risk of cancer for you.

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Breast Cancer By Drinking Bottle Water On Car

water bottle cancer
This small bottle might be a toxic to car owners. (photo source: Cardekho.com)

It is undeniable that plastic bottle water plays an important role in normal life. However, the plastic from the bottle is the hidden threat for human health. One of the reason which leads to breast cancer is that car owners tend to use a plastic bottle many times, and sadly, this is also a common mistake of drivers. For safety, you should use these bottle one time and if the bottle is left inside a car for more than two days, it is recommended to replace it.

If you need to use these bottles for longer time, it shouldn’t be more than a week and you must keep them away from high temperature source. In order to drink safety inside the vehicle, you should use the water bottles made by stainless steel or glass.