Road Trip Games To Survive Boring Car Journey

Having fun while driving is much more important than you think. Imagine going on a 3-hour trip and no ones said a single word during the whole journey. Terrible, right? Believe or not, these situations happen a lot, and they often ruin the journeys before they even start! In order to avoid these awkward moments, besides from preparing the map and belongings, a list of road trip games is essential.

8 Games To Play During A Long Road Trip

Going on a long trip with friends and family is an wonderful experience for every driver. However, it might be boring and awkward sometimes. There are many ways to keep your family entertaining in a long journey in order to survive a journey filled with silence: These following 8 games will make the road trip much shorter and funnier.

The Singing Game

Sing in car
Singing is always the best activity while driving (photo source: Videvo)

Singing Game is a common trick for all drivers in order to create atmosphere while driving. This game is all about connecting the lyrics from different songs. The starter will begin with a song, the following person will pick a line from that and link it with another song. The game will finish when players sing the wrong lyrics or get stumped while singing.

The Shopping List

You can write down your own list for easy second check (photo source: Shutterstock)

If your car is packed with housewives or husbands with good memory, this game is perfect for you.

The players will create their own list of grocery. When “I am going shopping and i will buy…” line is shouted, the game begins. Each person will tell their list and other players must remember as many item as possible. The winner is the person with the best memory.

20 Questions

smiling driver
This game might be tricky sometimes (photo source: tonirui)

This is by far one of the most classical games on vehicle. Players will simply pick a mutual friend and the passengers must guess who it is just in 20 questions. The key in this game is that the bank of questions is limited, which makes the game insanely hard and addicted.


Fun group driving
This game never fails to make you laugh! (photo source: Shutterstock)

The name of the game said by itself: The car members will construct a story with the words “fortunately” and “unfortunately” alternately.

For example, the game starts with “Fortunately, I won the first prize in lottery this week”. It will continue with “Unfortunately, i lost the ticket”, “Fortunately, my best friend picked it up for me”, “Unfortunately, he would not return it to me”…..

Who Is Lying

“You are lying right?” (photo source: Shutterstock)

If you are traveling with a group of 4, including yourself, this game is for you. 3 coins are the items that this game requires. 3 players will pick out 2 copper coin and 1 silver coin in secret. The player with silver coin will give out false information while the other two will provide correct information. The last player will have to guess which information is incorrect.


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Story From A License

license game
An interesting story can come up from anywhere (photo source: Auto Auction Mall)

Using just a license from a random car in front of you to create a story is the concept of this game. Each alphabet is a part of the story. It can be animals, place, food, drink, people,…. or anything you can think of. So a SM 92 KSB license plate can help driver create a story with Shadow, Matches, Key, Solar and Blackboard. Try your best to tell a wonderful story!

1 To 100

Writing on car
This type of game requires reaction speed (photo source: Alamy)

Speed is the key to achieve victory in this game.

Two players write down from 1 to 100 on a paper, then when all the numbers are written, they will circle the number following the opposite order.

The person can circle the most number wins the game.

I Spy

I Spy Driving
“I Spy” is many drivers favorite game (photo source: Shutterstock)

This is a favorite game for many people. The first player will select one thing on the road or surrounding. The game starts with that players says “I see something that ….” and starts giving hints about it, like “starts with letter F”, “circle”, “square”.

Other players must try their best to guess that object. Every questions about that thing have to answer by Yes or No. The game will continue until one of the fellows passengers can guess the object correctly.


With just a little imagination and sense of humor, drivers and fellow friends can make the journey become an unforgettable memory.