Safe Braking Techniques All Drivers Must Know

In order to slow down or stop the car completely, braking is a very important driving skill. Mastering this technique will not only avoid shocks from sudden braking but also make your journey much safer.

Important Braking Techniques While Driving

When mastered braking skills, car owners will be able to stop their vehicles anytime and anywhere as they intended. The braking process will be amazingly smooth that your partner won’t be able to tell when did you press the braking pedal.

Braking by Engine Brake

When controlling the vehicle and wanting to slow down, engine brake is recommended for drivers. To perform this technique, car owners need to release accelerator and switch to no-load engine. Friction and inertia will reduce car speed as a result. 

Expert drivers use this braking skill to control car movement speed when driving on slippery slopes.

Engine Brake For Slowing Down

foot brake
Never stomp on the pedal unless you need to! (photo source: Driver’s Ed Guru)

When braking by the engine to reduce vehicle speed, drivers release accelerator, then change to braking pedal and push slowly until the car reaches your ideal speed.

The key point of this skill is that it is processed gently, not to stomp the brakes as fast as possible to avoid the risk of hitting other vehicles. It is wisely to cover the clutch with your left foot and not disengage it in the process.

Engine Brake For Stopping Completely

car close each other
Avoid getting too close to other cars (photo source: Wikivisually)

To stop the car while in motion for many different situations, foot technique of drivers is required. If the impediments are still far away from your vehicle, you can push the brake lightly for decreasing movement speed and avoiding shock for people on the car.

However, in the case that impediments are too close, car owners must hit the brake strong and fast to avoid impact. Drivers are also suggested to turn the clutch off so the car engine will continue working.

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Braking By Combined Braking System

Handbrake lever is an important tool (photo source: Your Mechanic)

Making your car slow by this system is an essential skill that all drivers must know and master. The technique might sound complicated to new car owners, but it is actually quite simple to perform.

When driving on long and dangerous steps, in order to keep yourself and other vehicles safe, combined braking skill is required. Drivers must press the braking pedal while switching to the lower level. In some dangerous situations, handbrake is also needed to be used.


Braking, even though just a simple driving technique, is by far the most important skill that all drivers must master. Nowadays, even with the advance car brake system, it is necessary for car owners to study this technique for avoiding dangerous scenarios.

To learn to brake perfectly, drivers should start on a quiet, straight road with no object on the way. It is important to not pushing yourself too much, if you just step into the driver seat the first time, getting a feel of handbrake is enough. Driving is the same as braking, they all need process in order to master. However, car owners should only drive outside the practice field after finish learning the braking technique.