10 Simple Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver

If you have been looking for car driving techniques, safe driving tips, and related things on car magazine, then you are not alone. Many beginning drivers spent a long time searching the perfect guideline to drive better. But worry no more, since this is the right place for you.

Ten Helpful Tips That Will Turn You Into A Driving Master

In order to become a driving master, obviously you must first find yourself a good and affordable car. But having a car and just driving on the road do not make you an expert driver. In order to drive better, here are the tips for you:

#1. Looking Ahead

texting while driving
Using phone like this is definitely a “no” for all drivers (photo source: istockphoto)

No driver can drive safe without looking at the road, so it is necessary to look ahead at any car that is in front of you. This is truly important and driver must bear this fact in mind. Since it is not only affected directly to driver but other people’s safety as well, you have to keep yourself focused on the surrounding.

It is recommended to stay away from using cellphone or having a talk with your car fellows since it will affect your concentration.

#2. Merging with Traffic

It is quite obvious, but a good driver must be the one who can control the speed of his own vehicle. Unlike practice zone, the road is the battlefield, and all experience soldiers know that rushing is killing. In order to keep yourself safe, driving slow and carefully merging with the traffic by a controllable speed are recommended. You also need to be extra careful when dealing with any type of highway out there.

#3. Brakes

car brake
Car brake, the most important car part (photo source: SparesGruide)

Car owners have to go easy on the machine’s brakes when you have to slow down. You can see the drivers in Hollywood Movies press their brakes as hard as they can, but that will be the last thing you will want to do in the real life.

Remember that you will want to stop before having any impact, and your brakes will be your best friends here. So instead of rushing to stop by hitting the brake as hard as you can, try to predict the road, and press the car brake sooner.

#4. Manual Transmission

learn to drive manual transmission
Operate Manual Transmission on car (photo source: TailHappyTV/Youtube)

Car owners will save a lot of fuel when having a car that uses the manual transmission since its fuel consumption is more reasonable than his fellow transmission. Also, remember that this type of transmission will boost your driving skills since everything will be performed manually.

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#5. Controlling Oversteer

To be a better driver,  it is no doubt that you need to know how to make your body avoid any kind of over-steer out there. Controlling oversteer is a basic technique that all car owners must know before they get inside the driving seat. It also helps you to avoid dangers when driving fast on the road.

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#6. Heel-toe Downshifting

Heel toe
A wonderful technique for all drivers (photo source: Car Throttle)

Heel-toe downshifting is great if you want to generate smooth, quick shifts right away. Learning this technique is just a small step to you, but it is a huge step to become a better driver over time. If you can perform this well, you will also extend the important life of the transmission.

#7. Driving Backwards

backing up women
Backing up is the skill required to be a good drivers (photo source: Driver’s Ed Guru)

An expert driver is a person who already a master at driving backward. If you want to become a better driver these days, you must learn how to judge a distance. Also, remember that special awareness is required for you to can get what you need to back up quickly, but you can always take it slower and safer.

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#8. Parking

How can you be a driver if you cannot park? (photo source: CUI Electronic Car Parking Management System)

Practicing parking will allow you to avoid a lot of problems right away, as you will know how to do the right things at the right time. Your handbrake should be perfect here so you can make things happen.

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#9. Parallel

parallel parking
You cannot spell professional driver without “parallel parking” (photo source: invisiblebread)

Here is the tricky one. Parallel parking is by far one of the most difficult parking skill. Drivers need to practice this important driving skill since it is essential when hitting the road. Also because this will allow you to become a truly better driver in no time. An expert car owner can parallel park any vehicle in a couple of seconds, and you can also perform even better if you know what you are doing.

#10. Patience

road raging
Road raging is not good (photo source: Shutterstock)

Patience is truly a virtue that you have to cultivate if you want to become as master of driving. Remember also that you have to look ahead and you can learn to park quite easily. But a driver must also know how to slow down properly so he can drive his own vehicle quickly and easily.Patience is also helpful while you are in a traffic jam, which happens almost daily in the city.