6 Things You Didn’t Know could Go Wrong in a Fast Driving Car

Speed, it surely thrills an awful lot of us. And that, is also one thing that we may not realize is putting us at risk. Most of us who are believers of fast driving are also patients of complacency, except for the professional sportsperson, of course. While the conditions on a racing track congenial to racing and the racers adept, the roads are a wild place, after all. When we drive fast, there are a score of factors that may contribute to making the drive unsafe. The plan is, to keep safe and still enjoy your fast car.

So, here are 6 things that you didn’t realize, but you may have been doing wrong while driving fast.

Driving Fast? Avoid these 6 Faux Pas:

Positioning Your Hands Like You Like It

This is one of the biggest yet one of most ignored mistakes that drivers make. Positioning your hands incorrectly on the steering wheel is, as it is, a bad practice. However, when you are driving fast it becomes even more jeopardizing. When you take even one hand off the steering wheel, you lose the vital connection between both the front tires. The correct technique to steer a car is to keep hands at 9 and 3 positions at all times. Remember to come back to it, even if you have to cross the arms. It lets you decipher the activity of the front end and allows you to maneuver progressively. Even if you let your hands off, like on sharp turns, for the wheel to come back, you should resume position.

Positioning hands when driving car
Positioning hands incorrectly on the steering wheel is a common mistake of car drivers

Playing Blaring Music

Studies prove that the louder the music the greater your reaction time. That is, evidently, a bad thing in case you come across a tricky situation on the road. Blaring music takes away your ability to focus. It also masks the sound of the engine and interferes with your judgment about speed and shift points. So, when you drive, keep the music light.

Not Looking Straight Ahead

Most of forget to focus on the road far ahead while we enjoy speeding. It causes a lot many accidents, even more than wrong way driving. Consciously raising your line of sight is the key. Look as far ahead as possible to keep focus on the road. It will keep you aware of the traffic coming from ahead and in anticipating turns. More control means more balance on turns.

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Incorrect Sitting Position

What we mostly look for is comfort. But, what should actually look for is optimum reach of hands and legs along with optimum comfort. Depress the clutch to the max. Your legs should not be straight, and your wrists should rest on top of the steering wheel. However the arms should be slightly bent too. Adjust your seat in such a way as makes all this possible.

sitting position for drivers
Right sitting position helps you feel comfortable when driving

Letting the Car Coast

Not using a trailing throttle is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while driving fast. You should always use either accelerator or brake, especially mid corner. When you fail to do that and coast, the car will lose balance and the weight will shift around. Coasting puts you at massive risk because it reduces the ability to brake efficiently. Actually, it is also one of the habits that kill your car in the long run if you are accelerating right when you are coasting.

Moving at the Wrong Time on the Wrong Route

Trying your fast driving skills at the wrong time and the wrong route is a pretty bad idea. The idea about speeding is to move without much obstruction. So, you need to find the suitable time and route for that. Early mornings are always a safer bet for any route.