Used Car Tires: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Many car owners debate over whether it’s a good idea to buy used car tires or new ones should be the way to go. Secondhand tires are certainly less expensive, almost a third of the price of the same model. But, tires play a significant role in bringing the best performance out of your vehicle. So, if you are thinking of giving used tires a shot, you should know their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Used Car Tires

Here are a couple of perks of buying secondhand tires:


The prices of old tires are much lower than their new counterparts. Even if they are in good condition, you can still have them at a bargain price. So, if your budget is limited, these used tires can be a lifesaver!

Reduction the Waste

Have you ever thought what happens if everyone just throws off the old tires and buys new ones? Well, we have to deal with a glut of unused tires in that case! So, when you buy used car tires, you also help in recycling and reducing the wastage.

used car tires

Besides, buying used tires doesn’t mean that they have to be bad in quality. Many good-conditioned tires are available out there in a wide variety of models if you know the right places to go.

In addition, if you are an experienced driver, you can definitely sort good used tires out of bad ones. You just have to check how much usable tread is left and if there’s any damage from puncture.

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Disadvantages of Used Car Tires

Many will warn you against using secondhand tires and here are some of their points of argument:

Problems can be Hard to Find

Some used tires show visible tread wear and other red flags that are easy to identify. However, they may have internal damage sometimes, which you cannot detect just by looking at them.

You shouldn’t buy a tire that is more than six years old. However, some sellers paint old tires in black to give them a newer look. In that case, you should check the manufacturing date, which is now stamped on many newer models.

used car tires

You Won’t Know the History

There’s no way to know why a tire has been abandoned. Was it ever overinflated, underinflated, or overloaded? Did the previous user drive it on rough terrains? The tires are likely to have internal damage if they went through any such conditions. Besides, there’s a possibility of uneven wear if their previous vehicle had suspension or alignment issues.

So, keep the points mentioned above in mind when looking for used car tires. Remember that you can find good used tires at a bargain price, but that depends on luck and your experience. Never compromise road safety for anything.