Which Parts Are Most Damaged When Cars Run Out Of Fuel?

Humans need water for their bodies, and fuel is equally essential for cars in order to keep it working. Running out of energy will not only destroy your driving excitement but also damage car parts in the most terrible way. For that reason, car owners should understand more about what happens when car runs out of gas and the consequences of letting their cars run out of fuel.

Symptoms Of A Car Running Out Of Gas

When car run out of gas, there are several symptoms which you can diagnose. Here is the list of symptoms so you will know that your car is running out of gas.

The first symptom is the fuel gauge. Fuel gauge is designed to help the driver check the fuel level easily. When the fuel tank gets beyond a quarter function then automatically lights up on. In some models, the car automatically lights up on the instrument panel. 

The second symptom is the spluttering sound from your car. Sometime, it is possible for you to forget or may not check the fuel gauge, so you do not know that the fuel tank is going to be empty. But when your car starts to sound like spluttering, the gas is running out. This is a misfire which means some of the cylinders aren’t getting sufficient petrol to burn. It won’t do this for very long before it conks out altogether.

What Happens When Your Car Runs Out Of Fuel

When you figure out the symptoms of a car running out of gas, if you ignore it, something bad will happen. Check it out what happens when your car runs out of gas.

Many drivers forget or are too lazy to provide fuel for their cars before they run empty. And at least one time in your life you may wonder is running out  of gas bad for your car. You might think it is nothing too serious, but this habit is proven to reduce the engine’s age and destroy many parts of your vehicle. So exactly what happens when car runs out of gas and which car parts will be damaged the most?

Fuel Tank And Fuel Pump Could Be Damaged

Understanding the gas tank capacity is necessary. Trying to drive with nearly no gasoline, the tank will definitely be damaged terribly. But little did drivers know, the gas crust will also be used to provide energy instead of being left in the filter. If a car runs out of fuel regularly, the crust will stick onto the fuel tank, engine, other car parts and slowly corrode them.

Since energy tanks are made of metal, it attracts and collects the gas crust, which leads to corrosive phenomenon and damages the vehicle. This is a serious problem and happens to many old cars.

The Fuel pump, which sits in your fuel tank and pumps gas to the engine, so your car moves when you press the gas pedal. Since the fuel pump relies on gas to stay cool and well-lubricated, it can get overworked even overheat when your gas tank is empty. Since damaged fuel tank and fuel pump is what happens when car runs out of gas, try to avoid it by maintain the gas level in your car tank.

Fuel Injection May Clog

Following theory, the fuel injection will transport fuel from fuel tank to the burning tank. This is the reason why the fuel injection is the most important part of the pumping system. However, driving with an empty fuel tank will have a direct impact on not only the injection but also the filter system, since the crust inside the fuel tank will also be collected in the injection. And the damaged fuel pump or fuel injector might not display symptoms right away. 

As a matter of fact, the gas crust will stick inside the filter. Later, even after being pumped, the gasoline was still unable to reach the burning tank. Drivers will not start their cars in this situation.

After refilling the gas tank, try turning the key to On mode, then back to Off mode a few times to prime the fuel pumps. Priming the fuel pump will help remove air that may have entered the fuel lines as a result of running out of gas. But what if priming the fuel pump doesn’t help to start the vehicle? It is what happens when car run out of gas and the injection may clog. At that time, you should invest in a fuel system inspection and cleaning. Taking your car to the garage, repairmen can clean out fuel injectors and restore power to your engine. If you left the injectors in that situation for too long, you may have to replace it.

Your Vehicle Will Stall

If your car runs out 100% of gas, it will shut down. By shutting down the engine, it poses a serious risk to your car and to your safe. Not only can it cause you to become distracted, but a change this sudden can cause mental panic and dangerous driving. Therefore, refilling the gas tank is what we recommend you do before the trip.

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Electric Motor Is Damaged

Damaged electric motor is another thing what happens when car runs out of gas. Drivers usually ignore this, but when their cars run out of fuel, they also damage the electric motor. In normal condition, an electric motor will use fuel as the coolant liquid. This method will cool the whole system, from the engine to copper wires.

Running out of gas, however, makes the motor overheated and broken.

Braking And Steering Will Feel Harder

Brake stop working is not what happens when car runs out of gas. But the brake pedal will feel much heavier and harder to push down. The brake pedal uses hydraulics to transfer power from the brake pedal to the brake pads. Without the fuel, the car shuts down and the brake pedal works without the help of hydraulic. Therefore it is difficult to push the brake pedal.

What To Do When You Run Out Of Gas

Find A Safe Place To Park The Car

In general, what happens when car runs out of gas is serious. It is really important for you to stay calm and take action. What you need is to find a safe place where you can pull over the car. It must be a place where nothing can hit you but it is possible for other cars to avoid hitting your car. However, exit from the highway and park your car in the parking lot is the best if you can.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

Your Hazard light is designed to use in this case. Turn on the hazard light when your car becomes a temporary danger and you are waiting for the assistance. The light will help other drivers know your situation, especially if you are not able to move your car out of the traffic.

Call For Help

Now, time to call for some help. If you have roadside assistance through your insurance company or vehicle… It is the time to ask for their help. If you don’t, check on google where you can call for help. 

Walking To The Gas Station If It’s Possible

You can check on the google Map or other application to see your place near the gas station. If it is possible, you can walk there, most gas stations have the stock emergency fuel cans if you do not have one in the truck. It is also a reminder, you should have the stock gas can in your car for the emergency.


So now you already know what happens when car runs out of gas. It is absolutely forbidden to drive when the energy level is too low. When your cars run out of fuel, drivers should provide them immediately by other methods besides driving. You might not want to pay any extra fee to fix the energy filter or fuel injection system before the car maintenance schedule. To become a good driver, you must focus on the amount of gasoline displayed on the instrument panel and refill before fuel level reaches the letter E.