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[Infographic] Winter Maintenance Tips For Expert Drivers

Winter is by far the worst nightmare for car owners, especially in countries having snow in this season. Every year, its approach creates terrible roadways, along with cold weather conditions which damages every car engine on the way. To prepare for this fearful enemy, here are 8 winter maintenance tips for drivers to use.

8 Tricks For Car Maintenance In Winter

Winter is harsh on vehicles, not only by making the road always in slippery conditions, but also with deep-freeze temperatures. The low heat reduces the working efficiency as well as the smoothly of vehicle system, which makes lazy drivers regret for not taking care of their car earlier. So when the cold winds blow stronger, remember these powerful maintenance tricks in order to be safe and sound.

Wintermaintenance tips
These are maintenance tips that all drivers need – Credit Tuan Nguyen

Tip 1: Pack Emergency Road Kit

Emergency Flares, flashlight, extra oil, anti-freeze, blankets, drinking water, food,warm clothes… these are all necessary for drivers in many situations.

Tip 2: Replace Windshield Wipers

If there are heavy rains in the autumn,wiper blades might need to be replaced.

Tip 3: Check Your Windshield Washer Fluid

As it get wetter, the water thrown up from the ground gets dirtier and causes build-up on the windshield.

Tip 4: Check Your Antifreeze

Drivers must ensure the fluid levels are adequate to prevent freezing.

Tip 5: Check The Oil

This action is required to do monthly.

Tip 6: Inspect Your Brakes

Bad brakes can cause accidents in winter driving conditions because of slippery roads.

Tip 7: Tire Checks

Check the tire tread, the pressure to avoid accident from worn tires.

Tip 8: Have studded tires installed

Studded tires are great for winter driving and can help with traction in snow and ice.


When the rooftops are covered by snow, it is important to provide your car a check before hitting off the slippy road. The sudden drop in temperature is another thing to notice when cold days arrives. Beginning drivers always expect their cars to provide smoothly service every day. Little do they know, the smoothness and efficiency their vehicles bring come from regular maintenance, regarding the seasons.

  1. Jake winstone says

    Extreme temperature has catastrophic effects on the physical condition of the vehicle. So, action needs to be taken to reduce the effects of extreme temperature on the vehicle. The condition of different components of the vehicle needs to be inspected to check the effects of extreme colder temperature on those components and replacement of damaged components is really essential. Apart from this, fluids of the vehicle thicken due to their higher viscosity. We could use fluids with lower viscosity to prevent thickening of such fluids and ensure the smoother performance of the vehicle.

  2. Wren Adams says

    Everyone should be aware of basic car maintenance tips which could be very useful for them to protect the vehicle during extreme winter months. Cold temperature has significant impacts on the performance of a car and suitable initiatives needs to be implemented to keep the vehicle in working order during the winter months. Different types of lubricants used in the vehicle thicken during the winter months due to the extremely cold temperature which has a significant impact on the performance of a car. So, the condition of the lubricant used in the car needs to be inspected and if necessary should be replaced with suitable substitutes.

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