[Inforgraphic] Everything You Need to Know about Car Maintenance Schedule

Sticking to a car maintenance schedule is the key to ensuring good engine health and longer lifespan of your vehicle. It will improve the fuel efficiency, prevent any issue from becoming worse, and save loads of bucks down the road by avoiding costly repairs.

The Most Reliable Source of handling Car Maintenance Schedule

Do you have the count of the occasions you took your vehicle for a routine maintenance because the service sticker on the windshield says it’s time? Well, following these stickers that come from the auto servicing centers or quick-change oil shops is likely pouring money down the drain.

The only thing that you should follow in this case is the owner’s manual. Most people throw it into the glove compartment and never bother to turn a single page ever. Well, you should at least read the car maintenance schedule section to understand the servicing needs of the vehicle. The manufacturer provides it to educate you about the things needed for keeping the automobile rolling.

car maintenance routine
Read the owner’s manual to know what your car needs.

The Importance of a Car Maintenance Schedule

There are several reasons for having a schedule and get the auto to a dealership service shop according to it.

Saves money down the road

A car is an expensive purchase, but poor maintenance can drain out even more than the amount you have spent on a brand new one. Following the owner’s manual means you are doing exactly what your vehicle needs to keep running. It also prevents minor problems to be converted into major ones. In a word, it will save your money over the long term by protecting the vehicle from expensive fixes and increasing the engine’s lifespan.


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Enhances safety

Servicing your vehicle according to a car maintenance schedule means less risk of malfunction. It rules out the possibility of a sudden roadside breakdown or a blown engine. You will know beforehand whether a tire needs to be changed or a brake disc needs replacement.

Increases efficiency

Irregular upkeep affects two things – performance and mileage. The engine won’t perform at its best if you don’t keep all the components tuned-up. Similarly, even a minor glitch can influence the gas mileage and inflate the fuel economy.

car maintenance schedule
Take the car to a servicing center but be aware of the upsell.

What’s the Most Efficient way to Maintain the Car?

The smart way to service your vehicle is to read the owner’s manual and set up an appointment at a servicing shop as per the recommendation of the manufacturer. You have to tell the mechanic at the shop what you exactly need, which means showing him the directions written in the manual, not how many miles you have driven. These are sound advices from car experts which drivers are highly recommended to follow to make sure the car is always in tip top conditions:

Car care schedule
Car care schedule for best performance – Credit Tuan Nguyen

The workers may recommend you to do some more extra services such as changing the fluid or replacing a part. Go for it if you trust them or it relates to a safety issue. Otherwise, turn down by saying that you would like to hold off until the next time.