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Tips To Clean 5 Types Of Steering Wheel

Tips To Clean 5 Types Of Steering Wheel
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As a driver, nothing can be more terrifying than holding a nasty steering wheel. In driving process, the wheel will be covered with grease, dirt, numerous types of stains and God knows what else. Beside from the dirtiness, a slippery steering wheel can also affect driver’s accuracy, which cause terrible accidents. For those reasons, the perfect guideline to clean steering wheel might be what you need.

Cleaning Methods For 5 Different Types of Steering Wheel

Steering wheel, without a doubt, needs a lot of attention from car owners. This car part get dirty easily and can be noticed overtime. Not to mention, with different steering wheels type, there are different ways of cleaning. Lets check some methods to make your wheel shining again.

For Hard Plastic Type

Dip the towel into water, then carefully wash the wheel

It is surprisingly easy to clean steering wheel made from hard plastic. In order to perform this car life hack, all drivers need are soap, water and a dry towel: Clean the wheel by soap carefully, then wash it and use towel to dry the wheel. It is recommended to use the water spray for controlling the amount of liquid.

For Natural Wood Type

Wood wheel is a bit tricky to clean

“This wheel is easy to be cracked, so we don’t wash them usually” is the main excuse of drivers with natural wood steering wheel. However, there are many tricks to clean this type of wheel without leaving any scar on the surface, and one of them is to use natural wood polish products. This product not only makes the wheel clearer and prettier but also protect the wood grains.

For Imitation Leather Type

Clean by brush
It is recommended to use toothbrush for effective cleaning

This type of material is also called fake leather, synthetic leather or PVC plastic. Imitation leather are very smooth and even stronger than real leather, so you can clean the wheels by regular cleaning products and water. Remember to dry it by a clean towel afterward.


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For Synthetic Resins Type

clean steering wheel
Be very careful with this type of wheel

Vehicle mechanics are very thoughtful when covering a polished paint on top of this type of wheel for protection. To make this barrier back to tip top stage, you can wash by water and normal soap. However, you must know that this paint is different comparing with car furniture paint. For that reason, make sure to never use polish products since they makes the wheel very slippery. And believe me, these products do not come out of your synthetic resins wheel easily!

For Leather Type

clean leather wheel
Special cleaning products are necessary for this type of wheel

Cleaning a steering wheel made by real leather is quite simple. In order to wash it, you need to use leather cleaner, washing products and separated dry products. Shake the cleaner before spraying, then cover all corner of the wheel. After waiting for 3 minutes, drivers can wipe the cleaner along with embed dirt by a damp and apply special dry products for leather.

Most of the leather steering wheels are very easy to be scratched or even worn away, so don’t be too aggressive !

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