Why You Shouldn’t Run Car Low On Gas

Driving around with the low fuel light is something that we all must have done at least once in our lifetime. The owners of second-hand cars, especially, think that they can always predict how much the car will run on low fuel. Right? The truth is that when you run car low on gas, it has an adverse effect on the car engine. Unfortunately, most of us do not realize that running on low fuel level actually costs us more rather than save money.

A survey in 2015 revealed that around 827,000 drivers ignore their car’s warning light, resulting in running out of gas and ultimately, breakdown. Things don’t end here. 25% drivers believe that they can make up to 40 miles once the light turns on. And, the most shocking thing is that two million drivers say they almost always drive with the light permanently on, in a hope to find cheaper gas.

Why You Should Never Run Car on Low Gas

It Wears Out The Fuel Pump

Avoid to Run Car Low on Gas
Never run car low on gas to avoid any damage in future (photo source: Honk For Help)

We all know that the prime function of the fuel pump is pumping the fuel. It gets the lubrication from the gasoline. And, the time there is not enough gas in the tank, the fuel pump can suck in air. Even if you have the latest car with the most sophisticated parts, you are in for some great trouble.

If you run car low on gas frequently, your car’s fuel pump can wear out completely due to overstressing. The most important thing here is that it can happen more often if you continue to drive your car on low gas for a long period.

Fuel Gauge Can Be Inaccurate

Just because your gauge says you have 40 miles until empty, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate. In fact, the accuracy of your car’s gauge entirely depends on a variety of factors such as the economy of car’s fuel, and of course, your driving style.

It is a good idea to consider it as an estimate, rather than an accurate measurement. The reality is that by ignoring this aspect, you are increasing the risk of a stranding your car. Gradually, it leads to accidents as your car suddenly stops on the road. Sounds like a nightmare?

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Blockage In Engine

Run Car Low on Gas to avoid any damage
If you run your car on low gas, it can damage your car engine. (photo source: Getty Images)

If you run car when it almost ran out fuel, it results in sediment (dirt) from gasoline to settle down at the bottom of the gas tank. The logic behind this is simply that the lower you allow the gas level to dip, the more the dirt gets stimulated at the bottom of the tank. This causes your car to use the dirtiest fuel in its tank. Thus, it increases the risk of dirt getting into your car’s fuel line as well as engine. This ultimately causes trouble in the exhaust and can stop the engine. It is, in fact, one of the major reasons why engine stops suddenly.

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So, the next time you see your tank dipping below the danger sign, think about the negative effects it can have on your car. Your gas tank and wallet will thank you in the long run for that. In fact, it is never a good idea to run car low on gas.