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Top 5 Reasons Car Engine Stops Suddenly

Top 5 Reasons Car Engine Stops Suddenly
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It is a known fact that the less you care for your car, the more troubles it is going to create for you. One of the major dreaded car troubles is the sudden stopping of the engine. It’s not like the typical movie scene, where only the old cars give up in the middle of nowhere. Relatively newer cars can also fall prey to this problem. Why? Because there are certain serious reasons car engine stops suddenly. And, here are the top 5 of these.

Top 5 Reasons Car Engine Stops Suddenly

Before you head to find out the reasons, you must realize that this sudden stopping of the engine can be highly dangerous. If your car engine cuts out abruptly, you are likely to lose control. Not only can it be dangerous but also fatal if you are driving at very high speed.

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1. Overheated Engine

This is one of the most common reasons why a car stops while driving. As the fuel burns, the chemical energy is changed into heat energy. The engine further changes it into mechanical energy that moves the car parts. In cases when this heat in the engine bay goes beyond the normal range, it starts melting the piston. As it sounds, it is not a good sign.

Reasons Car Engine Stops Suddenly
Some Reasons Car Engine Stops Suddenly

Eventually, if the temperature keeps rising, it is bound to stop the engine. In fact there are several reasons that contribute to engine overheating.

2. Choked Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is a vital part of the exhaust system. It plays a major role in keeping the exhaust clear. If there are more impurities in the fuel than the converter can handle, it gets choked and stops working.

The result is that the exhaust backs up in the pipe and the engine has to work harder. Ultimately, the engine gets overworked, resulting in stalling. This kind of stalling is usually preceded by vibration and rattling in the engine.

3. Inadequate Transmission Fluid

Inadequate level of transmission fluid can also be one of the reasons car engine stops suddenly. This level differs from make to make and model to model. So, refer to your car’s owner’s manual. Follow the maintenance tips according to the manual to keep the fluid level right.

4. Electrical Issues in Ignition/Computer

Some effective reasons car engine stops suddenly
Know some reasons car engine stops suddenly

There could also be electrical issues with the ignition or the computer. Signals could be getting crossed, causing the engine to shut down. In such cases, you are likely to see the “check engine” light. If you still continue driving despite the light, there are chances that the car stops while driving. This could more so with the case with sophisticated modern cars and hybrid cars.

5. Loose Engine Bolts

Though it doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen sometimes. Improper maintenance of the engine can lead to many a problem. If the bolts of the engine are loosely screwed, the engine will start vibrating and ultimately start malfunctioning. The wear and tear that the engine goes through while driving, can cause the loose screws to ultimately come off. The engine is sure to self-destruct and stop in that case.

The key to avoid these troubles is to be regular in service and to maintain your car like it should be. It is also important that you drive your car in a good manner.

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