How Much Does a Rolls-Royce Oil Change Cost?

As for operating a car, routine maintenance and inspection already take quite a lot of time, effort, and money. However, the maintenance story will be much more complicated for a legend in the high-end auto segment like Rolls Royce.

As we all know, buying a super luxury car is already expensive, while spare parts and maintenance are also costly. Being more famous partly for its sky-rocket maintenance fee, that’s why not everyone with money buys Rolls Royce, but a lot of money.

So what’s the difference between changing the oil in a Rolls-Royce compared to typical cars, or even other luxury ones? And how much does Rolls Royce oil change cost? Let’s find out with Car From Japan below.

Rolls Royce Oil Change Cost

Overall, oil is a crucial part of any vehicle’s engine health, as it will keep the engine lubricated and cooled. If the oil is not changed regularly, the car’s engine can overheat or lead to a fire or damage. However, since you’re behind the wheel of a luxury car like a Rolls Royce, the cost of an oil change will be much higher than average.

For a Rolls Royce, the amount of oil change you can expect to pay is anywhere from $600 to $2,500, depending on the model, the quality/origin of your about-to-change car oil, and the showroom service you choose. In the end, an R.Royce owner’s annual maintenance and oil change fees can go up from $4,000 to $5,000.

Why Are Rolls Royce Oil Change Price Higher Than Others?

You must be wondering about the reasons why the oil change price for Rolls Royce is so high. As it is a super luxury car, not a typical level of luxury, sometimes all the accompanying services will always be at the most extra level to ensure its smooth operation and durability over the years.

Factors that increase the Rolls Royce oil change cost are often:

The model of Rolls Royce you are using

The type of Rolls Royce you are using will partly determine the price of its oil change. Although it is a high-class car, it always has a hierarchy from low to high, with around 10 models to meet the more diverse needs of users.

With the luxury and class from whatever model like Ghost, Phantom, Cullinan, or Corniche you’re riding in, the cost required for an oil change will be proportional to the size and modern engine systems installed. For example, the Rolls Royce Cullinan oil change cost will have a significant big gap with the Phantom’s. The prices depend on the real need of your real car.

The oil type

Different car models will be suitable for different oil types. These oil types are also further classified into many classes with quality equivalent to the price. With too much info on the best choices for your needs on the market, you can easily be overwhelmed.

rolls royce cullinan oil change cost
The Rolls Royce model you are riding and the oil type will significantly determine the oil change price. (Photo: Forbes)

But always remember that, for a Rolls Royce to operate smoothly, opt for synthetic oil, no exception. This oil is a car-specific oil with a higher cost than usual and good performance on engine health. If you loosen the standard and head to mineral engine oil instead of the usual synthetic one, no one will ever guarantee anything with your Rolls Royce’s engine in the future. In addition to the proper oil type, note its origin and do not use any unknown brand to somehow fasten or cost-lessen the process.

Specialized Rolls Royce showrooms and Local service shops

In any car maintenance project of every scale, the services or labor costs are always worth taking to. So comparing a service series in a specialized Rolls Royce center and a local shop, there will be some differences.

With a specialized shop, the staff will perform all services related to your Rolls Royce in the most detailed and accurate way possible. Because more than anyone else, they are the ones who understand and specialize in maintenance/oil changes for a single vehicle, they will have a lot of experience.

On the other hand, for the general auto repair shops in the area, you will still probably find good mechanics, but the chances are not really high. Because at local repair shops, the services are often plentiful but not too intensive, especially with cars that cost up to half a million dollars. Therefore, we cannot compare the experience of facing and maintaining Rolls Royce between the two types of car centers above.

During maintenance, an oil change is not a complicated process. You can choose any shop you feel confident with experienced staff. For more complex and intensive maintenance projects on a Rolls Royce, you should probably go to a private showroom, but that means the cost you will have to pay will be higher.

Oil filter replacement cost

Oil filters often play an indispensable role in filtering out deposits or dirt as the oil rotates and works in the engine system. Usually, mechanics will replace the oil filter with a new one during a regular oil change to ensure the new oil will work at its best.

You can choose to change or not change the oil filter each time it is time for an oil change. High-end oil filters will be a bit expensive compared to the types on the market today. The price to pay will probably exceed the number you originally planned. Even if a Rolls Royce oil change is not your specialty, always observe and make the right choices.

How Often Should You Have A Rolls Royce Oil Change?

So after the above notes, how often do you need to change the oil for your Rolls Royce? To keep your vehicle as smooth and efficient as possible, you should change your oil every 4,000 to 7,000 miles. With the above mileage, your oil change will probably happen several times a year, if you use it regularly.

In case you do not want to use mileage as a standard for an oil change, you can wait for other obvious signs that your car needs an oil change. This has never been good for any dedicated car owner. But if you don’t want to change your oil at the recommended intervals, here are some of the most obvious signs that tell you it’s time to change your car’s oil.

  • Strange noise in the engine
  • Oil is darker than amber
  • The smell of oil in the cabin won’t go away

The above signs indicate that it is time to change the oil of your Rolls Royce. These are signs that have turned red, you should not hesitate or unintentionally not renew the oil because you think they will not cause any more serious problems. Engine and performance problems will occur from the moment you notice them and don’t want to fix them.

It may feel awkward to take your car in for an oil change occasionally while you are busy, but it’s all necessary.

Why Do You Have To Renew The Rolls Royce Oil Regularly?

It may seem like it’s normal to ignore and keep your car moving longer than usual without an oil change. However, there are many reasons why it is so vital to change your vehicle’s oil when necessary.

Some of the reasons why an oil change for a Rolls Royce is crucial, include:

  • Less engine wear over time
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Better lubrication on the road
  • Longer engine life

If you don’t change your oil in time, you could lose your Rolls Royce faster. The lack of oil wears down the engine faster than anticipated.

rolls royce oil change price
The lack of oil quality can make your Roll Royce fail faster. (Photo: Mechanic Base)

Lubricated motors perform much better than bypassed ones. Your Rolls Royce should have its oil checked every 3,500 to 7,000 miles for best results or when you see one of the symptoms. If you don’t consider these, you may need expensive replacements.

What Happens When You Change Your Rolls Royce Oil?

You have paid and settle for the Rolls Royce oil change cost and have disembarked. What happens behind closed doors when you take your car to a professional?

Here’s what happens during an oil change:

  • Experts examine the situation and check the engine oil
  • They drain the oil and remove the parts
  • They replace parts
  • They refilled the oil again
  • They’ll make sure you’re ready to get back on the road as soon as possible.

It is important to bring your Rolls Royce to the shop whenever needed. This step will ensure your vehicle stays in top condition for as long as possible.

Can You Change Your Rolls Royce Oil Yourself?

Not everyone has the money to bring in a Rolls Royce for maintenance. If you want to save some money, you might be wondering – can you change your Rolls Royce oil yourself or should you leave the job to a professional?

You can check the oil yourself if you want to save money. Here are a few basic steps you can go through for your reference:

  • Start the car on the high platform
  • Remove the bottom cover of the car
  • Remove the drain plug near the shaker bar
  • Drain the oil in the pan
  • Replace filters and other components
  • Add oil
  • Replace all discarded parts

After completing these steps, you are done with your Rolls Royce oil change.

Changing car oil is a fairly simple thing and does not require too much in-depth knowledge, but changing the oil of a super luxury car is another matter. A Rolls Royce is not a cheap car. If you do not have experience working with these vehicles, you should not make changes yourself. You can cause damage that can be more costly than taking your car into the shop and having an experienced mechanic change your Rolls Royce oil.


In the process, some people may feel a little uncomfortable when taking the Rolls Royce to change the oil because of the cumbersomeness and inconvenience. But it’s a crucial part of taking care of your car to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. This action will maintain the cars in ideal condition for as long as possible, from regular to high-end ones.

In short, the cost of changing Rolls Royce oil at low levels was $600-$650, and at high levels, it went up to or as high as $2000-$2500. This maintenance usually takes place every 3,000 – 7,000 miles.

Above is the Rolls Royce oil change cost and some information surrounding this process. We hope the above information is helpful to you in some way. Because in general, there are many things to consider when it comes to the cost of an oil change or maintenance of a Rolls Royce. It is more important to maintain this effort so that you can use your luxury car for as long as possible.