How to Choose and Install Oil Filters for Cars

Oil filters for cars are an important component to keep your engine working properly. Oil filters for cars are vital to maintain the quality of the oil that functions to lubricate the engine. While choosing oil filters keep a few things in mind though.

Which factors we should notice when choosing oil filters for cars?
Which factors we should notice when choosing oil filters for cars?

Depending on the engine of our cars, we can choose the most suitable oils for them.

Mineral Oil or Synthetic Lubricant is the suitable Oil filters for cars?

The price of synthetic lubricants can be up to three times that of mineral oils. However, using synthetic lubricants is much more beneficial than using mineral oil. This is because the base oil is very pure and has a smaller molecular weight. Therefore, the synthetic oil will help the engine to work better because it can lubricate the parts with the smallest clearance.

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Proper Design and Size

Different types of oil filters for cars are available in the market to suit engines of different proximity. In some cases, however, manufactures follow a unique size for oil filters. Make sure you choose the right oil filter for your car. That will help lubricate the engine properly.

Oil filters for cars' sizes and designs
Oil filters for cars’ sizes and designs

Install as You Change Oil

Before installing oil filter, drain out the oil from your car. Install new filter every time you change oil. And if the current oil filter seems to be in a severe condition, drain the oil, even if it is new. Having a working oil filter is more important than the oil itself.

Choosing the Right Oil Filter Wrench

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You can either pick an oil filter wrench that matches almost exactly your particular model. Or, you can go for an oil filter wrench that works in most of the vehicles.

choosing oil filter

The Right Oil

By using quality oil you can improve the condition of your car’s filter. While performing an oil change, use the oils recommended for both mileage and engine of your car. This will reduce both stress and the number of replacements necessary every year.

Choosing the right oil for your cars
Choosing the right oil for your cars

Minimizing Oil Filter Change Frequency

Regular engine maintenance lessens the frequency of oil filter change. Your engine may breakdown soon if you shy away from installing oil filter on a regular basis. The filter accumulates grime and dart that turn into sludge which can damage your engine severely. As a result, your engine overworks and heats up.

If you want to know more information about maintenance tips for your cars, follow us for more daily updated articles that you may interested in.

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