Why Is It Important To Change The Oil In Your Car?

Oil changing is by far the most necessary task that all drivers must notice when bringing their cars to maintenance. There might be some automobile parts that need to be changed or fixed after time, yet you always need to change oil frequently. 

So why do drivers need to change oil so much? What is the importance of oil change to the health of your vehicle? In this article, our car experts will help you cover these questions, as well as provide some car maintenance tips and knowledge. 

The Importance of Oil Change

Every driver acknowledges they need to change the automobile oil after driving from 2500 to 5000 miles, yet quite a few understand why they have to. Therefore, it is essential to understand the black liquid flowing inside your precious transportation. 

Oil is like the blood of your car: 

First of all, It helps other car parts work efficiently. One of the most common automobile problems is the heat from the engine working, and oil prevents the engine from overheated by spreading the heat away from the combustion chamber. 

Second of all, oil reduces the gathering of carbon and varnish on the engine. Apart from reducing the heat, it also protects the engine.

The importance of oil change is undeniable (Source: Pixibay)

Last of all, the oil acts as the lubricant that helps the engine conduct many functions. Therefore, whether or not cars can run smoothly depends on oil. This is the main purpose of oil change

With all of the uses, oil is, without a doubt, the most crucial part of any car. And it explains why we need to change oil so frequently: Over time, the black liquid becomes thicker and degrades. Luckily, every garage knows the importance of oil change so they will remind you on schedule. Changing oil regularly helps your engine stay longer and saves a lot of money for car owners. Let’s find out more about the importance of oil change.

Why are Oil Changes so Important?

The differences between the fresh and old oil makes a huge impact on the automobile’s engine. 

There are so many benefits when changing oil regularly (Source: Pixibay)

Decrease The Heat of The Car’s Engine

Normally, car oil drops the heat level created by the engine. Fresh oil also cools the engine much more effectively than coolant. Yet overtime, the oil becomes less liquid and slows down the cooling process. Even with the help from the cooling system, not changing oil for a long time can still make your car overheat when driving.

Make Sure Your Car is Properly Lubricated

One of the most crucial reasons to change car oil is to ensure proper lubrication. Oil plays the role of reducing friction, creating a smooth ride and decreasing the temperature created when the cars start. 

However, if car owners forget to change oil in schedule, the car will be damaged by friction. Sluggy oil cannot provide enough oil levels for the engine, resulting in harsh metal on contact between engine components. So if drivers hear metal weird sounds from the engine, it is recommended to bring your car to the garage for oil change in order to avoid major damage. 


Remove The Sludge inside

Over time, this shiny oil will be dirty (Source: Pixibay)

When car owners change oil, they not only remove the old oil but also get rid of engine sludge which is created over time. When driving, dust and dirt, along with the shaved miniscule inside the engine form together and jam inside the car’s machine. Even with the oil filter, the sludge building up over time will clog the motor, which might drop the oil flow.  

By changing the oil in the car, drivers can keep their engines healthy with a minimal cost.

FAQs about Car Oil Change

Now we all understand the importance of oil change, it is essential to take a look at these common questions about car oil.

When is the right time to change oil?

When you buy the first car, the car manual will give you either 3 months or around 3000 miles. However, the time to change oil depends on the oil you use, the type of car, and how often you use the vehicle. It is recommended to focus on the amount of mileage and always give your odometer a check. To be more specific, some drivers might take five, even six months to be able to to reach 3000 miles, while others can pass the recommended mileage in a few weeks. 

Is it bad to drive your car when you need an oil change?

The importance of oil change is undeniable. However, you are not required to change it every 2000 miles since it is quite unnecessary and wasteful. Between oil changes, drivers can drive from 7000 to 10000 miles depending on each car. This is the perfect distance in order to not damage your vehicle. 

How do you know if you need your oil changed?

There are 6 signals that drivers must notice when driving to know the time to change oil: 

Loud Engine Noise

The automobile oil can lubricate all the engine parts so they can run smoothly. However, if the oil becomes old and sloppy, drivers can even hear the mental sounds from the engine due to the friction. This is due to the bad quality of oil and car owners should change oil.  

Excess Vehicle Exhaust

If you see any trail of smoke behind when driving, this might be a serious problem. To be more specific, the smoke only appears when the oil is too old. It could also lead to other engine errors, so be sure to give your vehicles a check really soon.

Weird Oil Texture

Color is not always a correct method to determine whether drivers need to change oil or not. Nevertheless, when you check the oil consistency and find grits in it, oil replacement is required. 

Low Oil Level

While you give oil consistency a check, the oil level is also needed to pay attention. Low oil level is another sign for drivers to visit automobile garages, since driving in that situation might destroy the engine or even break down the car. 

Shaking While Idling

Sludgy oil definitely affects the engine performance, which creates abnormal vibrations, or even shaking motions if a high level of friction appears. So if you are in this situation, do not idling the car and wait till you can change the oil.

 Persistent Check Engine Light

Check engine light is another signal that car owners need to notice. This light might be the sign for many mechanical issues, and oil is one of them. So if you are wondering why the light is on, maybe your vehicle is having an extreme oil situation. Our recommendation is to call a mechanic to read the light signal, therefore can resolve the problem.

Can a dirty oil filter cause smoke?

Yes. A smoke coming out of the tailpipe, with the burning odor might be the result of a clogged oil filter. This faulty oil filter leads oil flowing into the exhaust system and burning up.