How To Check Engine Oil? The Right Ways To Do It!

That’s perhaps the most crucial thing to inspect before any drive. Check engine’s oil- every expert would suggest that. The reason is that you may have to stand in the middle of nowhere in case the engine oil has been utilized completely. So, what’s the key to ensure that you would not be the one suffering in the middle of the roads just because you didn’t check the engine oil before? Well, to some it may be a very common thing, but most of us generally fail to recall it, and that’s what can put us in trouble anyway. So, how to check engine oil and be ready for every drive on your dear vehicle?

They say things are better performed by the professionals, and that’s true. But sometimes when it is just you who are stuck somewhere, it is better to be acquainted with certain tips and tricks already to deal with the situation smoothly.

How To Check Engine Oil? The Tips!

Engine oil is exactly like the blood in the body, which is to be checked on a regular basis for the best performance. Some car owners feel it easy. That is true to some extent. Then some others constantly think how to check the oil in the car? They don’t know how to handle such situations exactly. So, for them, here are certain tricks to get through the situation like a pro.

1. Pull Dipstick And Clean

The first step would be to locate the dipstick in your vehicle. Now, pull it out and be ready with old fabric or rag to wipe and clean the dirt off of the dipstick. This is the first step to checking the engine oil of your vehicle. Consider this as the first answer to how to check engine oil. One should always use the lint-free rag to clean up the dipstick for the best results. Why not take that old t-shirt from your wardrobe and use it for cleaning? Perhaps that is the best thing to kick off the dirt smoothly. Also, do you check the oil with the car running? Another important thing that you should keep in mind at this time is that the engine should be cold. It should have been given time to cool off for at least 15 minutes before you pull up the dipstick.

Dipstick needs to be checked first (Photo Source: dealer)

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2. Dip The Stick Back Into The Pipe

Yes, this is the next step. Now you must be wondering why we pulled it out if that was to be dipped back again in the pipe. There is a reason why we do that. Slowly push down the stick back into the pipe. You may even face a situation where it may get stuck somewhere in between. But there is nothing to worry about. Simply twist the dipstick a bit and then it will be inserted into the pipe smoothly. For more understanding on this, it is always recommended to opt for some maintenance tips by the experts.

3. Now, Pull Out The Dipstick Again

It might seem funny sometimes to push and pull back the sick repeatedly. But this is how to check the oil level in the car. This is the right way to do it, and if you too want to check engine’s oil, this is perhaps the right way to do it. When you have pulled out the stick, you will see the oil film at the end of the stick. Carefully inspect the level of the oil film besides checking the actual change that is needed in the engine oil.

4. Avoid Messy Oil Filling

Never pour the oil from the tiny tube as that can mess up things around in the car. You will see a screw-off cap on the engine, on the biggest part of the engine, to be specific. Observe the word ‘oil cap’ written on that for easy identification. Did you know this cap even educates us about the grade of oil that your vehicle is using? Take off the cap and pour oil as per the requirements. Some even ask when is the best time to check your oil? Well, 5000 miles is what most cars need to run before an oil change. It is better if you constantly keep an eye on it and change it after every three months or after 3000 miles is completed.

Keep track of time and mileage for oil change (Photo Source: wallbox)

5. Push The Stick Back For The Last Time

Yes, now you will need to push back the stick for the last time into the pipe. So, just push the stick again, and you are done. Make sure the oil is clean and even reaches the level ‘full.’ If it is not full, go to the nearest service station and get it filled again. This is how you check and fill the engine oil in your car all by yourself.

Frequently Asked Question on How to Check Engine Oil?

Well, there are always certain questions that come up with every time someone asks how to check engine oil. So, here are a few of them answered here.

1. Do You Check Oil With Engine Running?

The answer to this question “do you check the oil with the engine running” is that either before switching on the engine or after fifteen minutes of turning off the engine. This is the best way to measure the accurate level of oil in the engine

2. How Often Should One Check the Oil?

Many people are confused about that. It is not necessary to check it after a day or two. Check it once in a month, and that would be sufficient. Clean it and refill when needed.

Doing this once a month is more than enough (Photo Source: ancautocenter)

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Summing Up

So, next time you ask how to check engine oil, follow these points and remember the tips to go through this process smoothly.