How To Change Battery For Remote Control Key?

Remote control keys for cars become essential parts. With the development of technology, car manufacturers have developed ordinary mechanical keys into car remote control keys with more convenience. This key has many advantages such as convenience, anti-theft, door opening, trunk opening, quick start…However, besides those advantages, remote keys have a potential disadvantage: out of battery because the key uses batteries.  So changing a key fob is more difficult than simply replacing a car key battery. Don’t worry, here we will guide you on “how to change car key battery?”.

key fob battery replacement
Replacing a car key battery is hard as you think? (Photo:

When Do You Need To Change The Battery Of Remote Control Keys For Cars?

Under normal use conditions, the batteries in remote control have a lifespan of about 2-3 years. However, in reality, about 1-2 years due to many impacts. After a period of use, you find that the smart key is no longer sensitive, you have to press it many times, and you should replace the battery to avoid trouble.

You are used to using a remote control key for the car, you will be very confused if you encounter a situation where your car key suddenly runs out of battery and cannot be used.

What are the signs to tell you that you need to replace the battery immediately:

  • Press the Lock/Unlock button but the door car still won’t open
  • The beacon on the key when in use is not bright or dimly lit. In a key fob, some cars have a little LED that lights up when pressing fob buttons. If the LED light doesn’t illuminate at all, the fob battery can run out.
  • You can use a voltmeter to check the condition of your battery. We can take an example if it’s a 3-Volt battery, and it shows less than 3 Volt, which means your battery is weak.
  • You have to move the key close to the car for the control system in the car to receive the signal.

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How To Change Car Key Battery?

To change the car key battery, you need to prepare:

  • A screwdriver
  • A battery of the same type as the key
  • A well-lit and stable surface (tabletop)

After preparing all the required tools, depending on the type of car key you are using, the disassembly method will be different.

key fob battery
Changing the key fob battery includes quite simple ways, it also does not take too much time for drivers (Photo:

By actively changing the car key battery, you will not encounter some troublesome situations because the key battery suddenly runs out and help increase the lifetime of the key. Changing the car key battery includes quite simple ways, it also does not take too much time for drivers. Battery replacement for car keys can be done at home with safe operations.

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to open the key.

You should find the notch or seam on the key before opening it. We think it is one of the hardest parts, you can watch some videos to easily imagine. On some car keys, there is a small gap at the top, but for others, you may have to check the connection point where the emergency key slides out. 

After identifying the position of the seam, you can use a flat screwdriver or fingernail to pry apart gently the two halves to open the key until you see the round battery inside. Note to do it gently so as not to break the plastic joints and latches of the key.

Step 2: Check the battery number.

Batteries are usually about the size of a small coin and have a plus and minus sign. Most manufacturers, like Toyota, make it pretty easy to figure out what type of battery your keys use. The pin number must be embossed on the back of the remote. Look for a four-digit number.

The battery type may not be specified in the old car. Check the manual of the manufacturer, or call your local dealer to have the information about the type of your battery. Don’t pry open the remote; you could damage it and end up paying for an expensive replacement.

Note: Don’t use the battery, if you’re not sure about its ID. You need to note that buying a standard battery is very important because car keys are not like other electronic devices, it requires using the right volt (V) and amps (A) to be able to operate for a long time. 

Step 3: Change the dead battery with a new one.

car remote control battery
Change the car remote control battery with a new one (Photo:

Before you replace the old battery, please note its position and how the battery is in there to put the new one properly. Try to remove the battery by sliding it out with your finger. If this doesn’t happen, lift it out with a flat screwdriver or the end of a paper clip. Slide the screwdriver tip under the battery and gently lift it to remove it.

When taking out the dead battery from the remote control key and replacing it with a new one, you need to pay attention to the position of the negative (-) and positive (+) poles of the battery. If you misplace these 2 poles, the key will not work.

Note: You should have a few spare batteries ready to be replaced in case of need, ensuring that your car key can always work at its best during use.

Step 4: Install the key back together

Put the cover back on the fob. Press down so it snaps into place on the battery. Then replace the screw. Rotate it clockwise until it firmly ties the two halves of the cover together.

Step 5: Test the key

After completing these steps, press the key to point at your car or other device and check whether it works or not. Otherwise, the battery may be upside down. You will need to detach the fob again to test this. If that doesn’t fix it, the fob may be damaged

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Sum Up

Although the way to change the battery of the remote control key is quite simple, in the process of disassembly, if you do the wrong method or buy a poor quality PIN, it will affect the life and stable operation of the key. Hopefully, through this article “How to change car key battery?”, you have found a way to change the battery for your car key.