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How to Get Duplicate Car Keys With Chips

With the rise in the number of car thefts, more and more car manufacturers are moving towards chip keys. Thieves find it difficult to steal a car if there is a chip key designed with unique digital codes. You may want to get duplicate car keys with chips for various reasons. Because of its advanced technology, making a chip key is not only expensive but also has a convoluted process.

What Are the Keys with Chips?

Chip keys of cars, also known as transponder keys, are the invention that keeps car thieves away. Transponder keys have an integrated chip that contains specific digital codes. So, when the driver uses the chip, it communicates with the car and opens it swiftly. Every chip key has a unique and detailed digital code.

To start a car, the presentation of the right transponder key in the correct ignition is mandatory. Otherwise, the vehicle will not start. With the present technology, it is not possible to duplicate the chip keys as easily as you can make a duplicate regular car key or house key. Generating another copy of the chip key involves a lot of things.

car keys with chips
Duplicating chip keys is difficult for thieves. (Source: Pikist)

How to Get Duplicate Car Keys with Chips

To have duplicate chip car keys, follow any of these methods depending on the convenience.

Method One: Obtain the Key Online

The easiest way to get a chip key is to purchase it online. But before doing so, make sure if locksmiths or dealers can program keys coming from another store. Remember that when you buy a key online, this will not arrive in the programmed state. So, after purchasing, you have to contact the local locksmith or dealership to make a correct and appropriate program for the key.

Many locksmiths and dealerships choose to make and program their keys for proprietary and security reasons. Especially in the case of dealerships, this is the standard policy. If the local locksmiths do not offer the programming service for the chip key, check online for the car key replacement companies that have the most competitive price for their service.

Method Two: Contact the Local Locksmith or Dealership

When the online purchase is not a viable option, you may get duplicate car keys with chips from the local locksmith or the dealership. Between these two, the dealership will be costlier. They can access the VIN of the car and create a chipped key.

But the time a dealer may need to create the chip key will vary from one to another. Before making a duplicate chip key, dealers have to perform some security checks. The verification process may take a few days or a few weeks. Above all, you need to complete the associated paperwork to get a duplicate chip key.

Additional Tips for Making Duplicate Car Keys with Chips

  • Make sure that the chosen locksmith has the necessary license and insurance besides being an authorized vendor of the car brand of which you are willing to make a duplicate chip key.
  • In many cases, automotive companies reserve the full rights of the chip coding and duplicate key making. Then, locksmiths will not be able to help. You have to request the dealership to make the duplicate.
  • The main objective of getting a chip key is to avoid car theft. However, getting a duplicate copy from a dishonest locksmith will only increase the risk of it. So, give this work only to a locksmith who is a member of a professional locksmith organization.
  • A car mechanic can also help to find a trustworthy locksmith. As mentioned earlier, licensing, bonding, and insurance all are equally important to become a good locksmith!
  • Certain car manufacturers will let you program the transponder key after buying them online. Still, do not forget to check the car manual or contact the car dealers.
  • Sometimes, you can obtain only a certain number of duplicate chip keys, such as 3 or 4 for example. After exceeding that number, it will be impossible to get another one.


The Cost of Replacing a Key With a Chip

If you want to get a duplicate car key with chips, the total cost can be from $50 to $150. In the case of most modern cars, the chip key remains at the heart of the modern-day car experience. Therefore, getting a chip key means replacing a programmed part of the vehicle.

A chip key replacement involves a lot of things. Due to its complicated design, its replacement requires time and labor. Even if some deals offer a free duplicate, the task of making a duplicate chip key is rigorous and time-consuming.


You may want to get duplicate car keys with chips to enhance the security of the car. Go through the explained methods and additional tips to get a clear idea.

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