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How do you Replace Car Keys?

Replacing a car key can be a chaotic and annoying experience. Sometimes the car key is lost, while at other times it may break or bend down until it no longer functions correctly. Whatever the reason, the key is your ticket to mobility and if they aren’t around, you’re stuck. So, you require a new working key. The replacement of car key has always been a chaotic and annoying practice. Some of the times the car key is lost, while at other times, one can see it breaking or bending down until it stops working appropriately. No matter what the reason is, the key is your ticket to mobility and if they aren’t around, you’re stuck. So, you require a new working key. Let’s explore how you can replace car keys in order to get back into your car – and on with your life.

Replacing car key can be a chaotic and annoying experience
Replacing car key can be a chaotic and annoying experience

Some Useful Ways to Replace Car Keys

People never realize how valuable their car keys really are until they are lost, bent, or damaged somehow. Replacing car keys is not only stressful but it could also leave a dent in your finances. There are several different ways to replace your car keys. Just check them out here.

1. Obtain your Vehicle’s VIN

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) will be required to find someone who is going to assist you in replacing the key. You can try getting the VIN number from the engine bay or dashboard of your own car. Also, don’t miss recording the precise make and model of the car, besides the year in which it was manufactured. If the VIN is difficult to search, check out the car maintenance tips to know more about the same.

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2. Confirm your Car’s Model/Make/Year

To get a new set of car keys, it is important to keep the record of the exact make and model of the car. Don’t forget to trace the year in which it was manufactured. This information lets you know the exact key that you need to open your vehicle. Keep in mind, keys are supposed to be unique!

3. Contact Nearby Locksmith, if your car is old

Tips to replace car keys
Replace car keys by contacting locksmith

Older cars, particularly those made by not very luxurious carmakers have some of the easiest keys to swap. Calling a local car locksmith is the most simple and quickest way to replace your car keys. They protect you from crooked third parties who sell flawed equipment, which can probably end up securing a handful of bucks when put side by side to the dealership.

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4. If your Car is New, Contact Dealerships

Whether your car is new or old, contacting your car dealer is essential. Dealerships will be costly but are reliable. In case, your car key is modern and has the latest shape and size, then chances are the local locksmith may be unable to deal with it. It, then, will need a professional to program it in a desirable way. On the other hand, if the programming is not so complex, a good car locksmith can handle it easily. But, if the key has no other option than being programmed, probably visiting the dealership will be the only option.

5. Get your New Set of Car Keys

So, the all-new set of car keys are ready. Now, be very careful from the next time. You can look online for your new car keys, as they are available at reasonable prices there. Or else, you can also program it on your own, right there at your home.

Replace car keys in the right way
Useful tips to replace car keys

Take the advantages of the above steps whenever you want to replace car keys. Be sure to visit the nearby auto locksmith, whenever you are likely to visit there. Research in advance and little knowledge about the product can really save you from the possible frustration that may trouble you afterward.

  1. Ershad says

    Hi there I am just import car from Japan. I got my car everything is ok. only keys not working two different key. one key only working 2nd key not work. anyone can helping me please. Can you let me know please thanks please thanks

  2. Mansour says

    Your key is not programmed. You have to contact a locksmith to program your key. Or you can do it yourself but it may be more expensive because you have to buy equipment , or sometimes your car manual will tell you how to program it another way with no cost, but it takes time.

  3. Rangarirai Gavin Muchetu says

    HEllo there, l bought a suzuki car which l use in zimbabwe, and l recently lost the keys. I have been told that the keys can only be replaced in Japan. I am visiting Japan, Kyoto next week and would like to get it done then. Which dealers can l contact in Kyoto or in Osaka??

  4. Elijah says

    I have a Ford Mustang 2014, and have lost the key I am in YOKOSUKA Japan. Where can I get a new key for this ford car?

  5. Cor Becker says

    I bought a JAPAN domestic xtrail 2005 2.0l with turnkey switch’
    chasis number NT30- 165670
    model TDANRHAT30—-C
    It come only with th transponder key. Want to get keyless entry and or FOB
    can you help?

  6. Sienna Miller says

    Thanks for the amazing tips, this really is an amazing and helpful post. I really appreciate your work and good luck for more quality work.

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