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Here’s How to Remove a Broken Bolt Without Losing Your Mind

A broken bolt is the worst nightmare of any automobile expert, and anyone else trying to fix a machine. It makes the job difficult to move further without removing the broken part. There are many methods and techniques about how to remove a broken bolt, it all depends on the circumstances in which one is.

If you are stuck with a broken bolt inside your car, no need to worry, the maintenance tips below will help you extract the piece of metal without much hassle.

In this blog, we will help you take out those stubborn and stuck bolts from your car. In addition, you will understand the different methods of removing a stuck bolt.

How To Remove A Broken Bolt From The Car?

The tips mentioned below will help you extract the stuck bolt without much hassle;

1. The Extraction Kit

This is the primary step followed in a broken bolt removal. First, by using a hammer, mark the center of the broken bolt with a centre punch. It will be helpful when you drill at the center of the bolt. In addition, it will also reduce the chances of damaging the thread of the broken bolt.

Explore How to remove a broken bolt
Find out How to remove a broken bolt from the car.

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2. Drill A Pilot Hole

Activate the reverse setting on the drilling machine. A left-handed drill bit would be threaded in the opposite direction. The left-handed drill as it will torque in the opposite direction same as the broken bolt, which will prevent the bolt from being driven in tighter. The left-handed drill will grab and unscrew the tight bolt for you to grab it using a pair of grips, and remove it.

However, we recommend that you use the extracting kit that is suitable for the size of the bolt you want to remove.

3. Placing The Appropriate Extracting Bit In The Hole

Depending upon the type of extraction kit you will use for taking out the bolt, the extracting bit would have a left-handed bit at one end and a hex head or T-handle head at another. Since, you would be using a left-handed extractor; it will work into the broken bolt with a counterclockwise movement.

In addition, since the extractor is tapered; you should first tap it into place with the hammer before choosing the T-Handle or a socket.

4. Remove The Broken Bolt

Once, you continue with the extractor; the tapered end will catch and torque would work to loosen the bolt once the extracting bit is tight. Next, continue turning the extracting tool counterclockwise until the broken bolt is removed completely from the surface. Make sure to time the process to prevent any further damage to the bolt. We recommend that you work on the extractor.

5. Removing Metal Fillings

There is a chance that small amounts of metal pieces might come off the bolt during the extraction process. Make sure that you remove the tiny bits if you are looking to replace the bolt with a new one. It can be done easily via compressed air or a powerful magnet.

How to remove a broken bolt properly
Ways to know How to remove a broken bolt.

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Summing Up

Thus, if you want to know how to remove a broken bolt, make sure that you follow these tips.

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