An Introduction to the Basic Tire Repair Tools

Having a set of tire repair tools is necessary if you don’t want to be left alone on the roadside of a godforsaken place because of a punctured tire. Learning how to use a tire repair kit can help you fixing flat tires and help you during emergencies. Besides, the right tools and equipment are vital to the daily operation of any car repair shop or automotive service center. They promote a safe environment and ensure that the repair jobs will be done efficiently.

The Basic Tire Repair Tools

You have to have basic knowledge about the tire repair supplies if you want to fix a flat tire or seal a puncture. Let’s take a look:


It’s a hand tool that is used for pulling, cutting, or holding objects firmly. If you have a puncture in your tire because of a nail, rock, or other sharp objects, you have to use pliers to remove that foreign object. Also, keep an extra set of pliers in your tire repair kit for they come handy in various situations.

tire repair tools

T-handle Insert Tool

Every repair kit has two T-handle tools – one is rasp tool, and the other is needle insertion tool. They are used for cleaning the hole and securing the plug into there.

You have to use the rasp tool to clean the inside of the hole in the tire. Just push it into the damaged area and slide up and down. Then, insert the repair plug into the eye of the needle insertion tool and enter the plug in the hole in nearly 2/3 of the way.

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Tire Plugs

They are pieces of cordage that are used for sealing off the damaged area. Besides, the ones supplied with the kit, you should have a stock of extra plugs.

Rubber Cement

It’s a kind of adhesive made from mixing latex in a solvent, which can be hexane, toluene, acetone, or heptane. Its function is to seal the tire plug into the leaked or punctured place. It forms a strong yet flexible bond between two objects.

tire repair tools

Tire Inflator

It’s one of the standard tire repair tools necessary for getting your vehicle tires ready to roll. When comes with tire repair supplies, it can be a portable device or an air compressor that does the job of pumping air into the tires after the repair work is complete.

Car Jack

You’ll need it for lifting a side of the car. In fact, it’s not possible sometimes to repair the puncture without removing the tire. In that case, you’ll need a car jack.

You can buy the tire repair tools at any auto parts store or online. It’s possible to buy a whole kit or additional tools based on your requirements.