Get Rid of Ants in Car in 5 Simple Steps

Ants can get anywhere, so they can get into your car too when you leave food crumbs inside the cabin or accidentally spill drinks. These are definitely not the worst pets you can have but ants in car are not welcome either. It’s not pleasant to see them crawling around inside the car.

Ants in Car: What Damage They Can Do?

You may think that what harm tiny insects like ants can do. But, think about an army of ants! Even the common garden ants are capable of inflicting some auto-electrical damage. They can block the oil pump and cut the wiring insulation, relays, and other components.

ants in car
Food crumbs lure ants inside the vehicle. Source: Pest Control Hacks

These are not irreparable damage but could be costly because most automotive repair work is expensive. So, if you spot ants in car, you have to find ways to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Car?

If you want to completely remove those insects, follow this step-by-step procedure. Don’t forget to collect these items first:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Ant pesticide
  • Ant traps


Get rid of all the trash.

The most common reason for ants getting into your automobile is food scraps and crumbs. It’s normal for every car to transform into a mini trashcan after you order a takeout. But, you should remove them after getting home. Otherwise, they will lure ants and other insects inside the vehicle.

Clean the car thoroughly.

ants in car
Use a vacuum to completely clean the vehicle. Source: Elgin Volkswagen

After sweeping away all the coffee cups, donut boxes, and burger wrappers, it is time for a thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum to reach the difficult spots and clean those tiny crumbs that you cannot pick up by hand.

A vacuum unit can easily clean up the dashboard, seats, under the seats, and mats. A portable unit can even sweep the crevices and gaps too.

Spray pesticide on the tires.

Tires are the entryway for insects to get in a vehicle. You block this entrance, there will be no ants in car. The most effective measure to take is to spray a strong ant pesticide on the rims of the tires and the wheel edges. Keep the car doors and windows closed and don’t forget to wear gloves and a face mask while spraying. As you are applying the pesticide outside, there’s no way the toxic gas to get inside.

how to get rid of ants in car
Ants get into car through the tires.  Credit: eugenesergeev / Getty Images

Change the parking location.

If you are still facing the problem, the parking spot is probably the source of the problem. The location or the sidewalk beside it could be ant infested. Ants can also come from nearby bushes and trees. So, just find another location for the vehicle to park.

Use ant traps.

The traps are the last resort for getting rid of ants in car. Purchase a good-quality product and set the traps at places where the ants visit frequently such as inside the trunk, door compartments, and other such spots.