How to Do a Proper Home Car Wash

Most people are ignorant about how to do a home car wash though many of them have most probably tried it for once in their life. Car owners consider washing and waxing the best ways to keep their car clean and shiny. While these are effective methods, a proper car wash needs something more.

Home Car Wash: How to Have a Proper Car Cleaning at Home

Cleaning the car at home is actually nothing complicated. However, you can’t neglect these following steps if you want to do a proper home car wash:

Clean the Interior

Toss all the trash and the items that don’t belong in the car. Vacuum the interior including the trunk, seats, dashboard, carpets, and the ventilators. After that, use microfiber towels to wipe down the entire space.

In addition, you can choose to apply a cleaner to make the interior shine. It will be good to apply a leather conditioner if the car has leather seats and a plastic dressing for the plastic surfaces.

home car wash

Wipe the Windows

You have to clean them from inside and outside. Start with the interior side of the windows and then move to the outside surface. When you are cleaning them, move the cloth and the hose pipe in the same direction – either from top to bottom or left to right.

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Use the opposite direction for the outside windows because using two different types of moves will clearly show if any side not properly clean.

Do a Car Water Wash

Mix car washing soap with water (not dish cleaner or liquid detergent) and fill one or two large buckets with it. Now, hose the water all over the bodywork to remove dirt, dust, and mud. Soak microfiber towels in soapy water and wash the body with them if you want to reduce the use of water.

Clean the Wheels and Tires

Spray a grease remover on the wheels and wipe them clean with a piece of rag. After that, apply a tire dressing product on the tires with a brush to give them a shiny look.

home car wash

Prepare the Bodywork

Use a clay bar to remove everything from the surface including the stubborn contaminant. It will restore the smoothness of the body. Apply a compound to remove deep scratches. You may need to do paint touch-ups to remove the scrapes that are too deep.

Wax for Protection

It will be the last step of your home car wash. Waxing will protect the high gloss finish from UV rays so that it does not fade away. Although a bit expensive, use the polymer wax instead of carnauba to get the best result.

Keep a spray detailer and microfiber towels in the trunk to do all the cleaning and polishing afterward. Doing this will maintain the appearance of your car extend the time for your next home car wash.