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Guideline For Perfect Car Seat Belt Cleaning

Guideline For Perfect Car Seat Belt Cleaning
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Fall season is coming to town and it is a perfect time for cleaning! After a hot and rainy summer season, washing your vehicle inside and outside is essential. Of all the car parts, seat belt is by far one of the most important car parts but usually being forgotten. In this post, we will guide you how to perform perfect seat belt cleaning.

Steps To Wash Car Seat Belt

As the matter of fact, drivers usually make their seat belts dirty by sweats, food stains or coffee spills. In order to avoid mold coming from seat belts and maintain the car tip top condition, car owners must know these cleaning tricks.

With Normal Stain

Step 1: Pull And Stabilize The Belt

Seat belts cleaning
Seat belt is very long, so it is essential to pull it all out

The belt should be pulled forward until it cannot go any further so drivers can wash it completely.

Drivers can also stabilize the belt length by placing a metal clamp next to the reel. This will stop the belts from retracting back into the reel.

Step 2: Use The Cleaning Liquid

Seat belts cleaning
You can also dip the belts directly

Most stains can be cleaned by all-purpose cleaner. It is safe to use not only on belts but also for car owners health. Spray the clearer on the belts following the whole length to cover the dirty parts.

Step 3: Gently Scrub The Belt

Seat belts cleaning
Brushing along the length of the seat belt is suggested

One of the most powerful cleaning tools of car owners is the stiff-bristle brush. The brush can be use to bring the seat belt back to its tip top condition. Car owners should scrub from bottom to the top to avoid wearing out the threads of the belts.

After that, using the microfiber towel to remove moisture is also recommended.

Step 4: Let The Belt Dry

Seat belts cleaning
The perfect result should be like this

Weird as it seems, let the belt dry by itself is the best method, since drying by machine might affect the belts construction. The belts must be dry before pulling and retracting to avoid growing must inside.

It usually takes a night or more for the belts to be dry completely.


With Stubborn Stain

Step 1: Mix Detergent With Water

seat belts cleaning
The powerful potion for wiping the nasty stains

Drivers are recommended to create the mixture by filling a cup of warm water and adding 3 spoons of all-purpose clearer. Expert car owners usually create this cleaning mixture for difficult stains. Since acid can destroy the belt threads, vinegar and bleach are not suggested.

Step 2: Use Stiff-Bristle Brush Or Steam Machine To Clean The Belt

Seat belts cleaning
Steam machine is the powerful weapon for this job

Dip the brush gently into the mixture to avoid soaking the seat belts. After that, you can scrub the brush downward near the stains. Brushing in circle movement is a huge NO since it will damage the belt heavily.

Sometimes, when using stiff-bristle brush is not enough, it is time for steam machine. After applying the mixture created earlier, switch the machine to low moisture setting and run it on some truly difficult stains.

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It might be time to refresh your car belts. Find out how on to clean seat belts by watch the video!

With Nasty Mold And Odors

Step 1: Pull And Stabilize The Belt

Seat belts cleaning
Always remember to have a metal clamp

Again, pull the belt gently in order to find the mold and the sources of stinky odors. The metal clamp is very helpful for this mission: All driver need to do is finding the reel and placing the clamp on the belt next to it.

Step 2: Create The Cleaning Mixture

Seat belt cleaning
A small amount of vinegar can make differences

In order to create the wonderful mixture, car owners can follow this recipe: Non-bleach dish soap, warm water and vinegar. Mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap into a cup of warm water, then add about 30 ml of vinegar. Drivers are suggested to stir the mixture gently until it fully combined.

Step 3: Clean The Belt By Brush And Towel

Seat belt cleaning
Dry towel is also very important in seat belt cleaning process

This step is by far the most simple. Car owners should use the brush to dip into the cleaning mixture, then scrub the belt upside down. Just remember to use the soft brush and not move the brush in circle movement. By doing this, the nasty stains and mold will be removed completely.

After the brushing job, use a dry and soft towel to clean the moisture, avoid damaging the thread of the belts.

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