The Five Major Tips for Complete Convertible Top Repair

A convertible vehicle is a joy to drive around in, but only when you take care of the car properly. A proper convertible top repair will ensure the vehicle runs for a more extended period. If you have a soft-top convertible car, you must know these are usually cheaper than the hardtops, which means these would require more maintenance in terms of cleaning and repair. Therefore, you must learn some convertible car top repair tips to handle similar situations.

What Convertible Top Made Of?

Knowing what convertible top is made of will help you a lot in choosing a method for convertible top repair. At the end of 19th 20th century, when the first cars began appearing, most of the cars were open-air or topless. Since it modified the horse buggies and innovative extras such as windshields and roofs. Gradually, the car became more powerful, and innovative. They started to give a rooftop for the cars. The first tops were generally made from leather or fabric such as canvas… 

Nowadays, the convertible rooftop is out of date and people prefer steel rooftop. But the convertible rooftop still is a legend. You may wonder what convertible rooftop is made of?  So basically, there are two materials which car makers used to make convertible tops. They are vinyl and fabric.

1. Vinyl convertible top

Vinyl has been used for car tops since the earliest days cars had tops. It was used to mimic the leather often used on horse buggies and was found to be easier to maintain yet still quite durable. Vinyl convertible tops are easier to clean than the cloth alternative, which is one main reason that drivers choose them. It also has a very glossy look which many people prefer. 

Vinyl tops hold up well to weather and are a good choice if your car is often parked outdoors. But once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

2. Cloth convertible top

Second material is fabric. Cloth tops are the most popular type of convertible top and can be found on such cars as the Mazda Miata and Nissan 370Z. Most cloth (canvas) convertible tops are made using three plies: an acrylic square-weave outer layer, a butyl rubber inner material and a cotton drill lining layer. There are many available colors for cloth convertible rooftop for instance: blue, white, black, beige, tan, gray, green, brown and burgundy.

Cloth tops require a bit more maintenance than vinyl tops because they’re more susceptible to absorbing dirt, but if they become damaged, it’s often possible to repair rather than replace them.

The Secret to Perfect Convertible Top Repair is here

Knowing some repairing convertible tops tips can prevent the expenses that occurred for the same in a car garage. Some methods of the convertible top repairs are quite easy, and car owners can efficiently perform these without the need for help. Learning how to fix a convertible top will enable you to learn new skills for which you would pay to the mechanic.

You can browse online to find the best maintenance tips for keeping the convertible car top in the best shape.

1. Sew it Up

In case the top of the convertible has some damage, you can take a strongly curved needle and a strong thread or wire. Use the two to cover up the damage on the convertible top. Remember, sewing up can take some time to be a little patient while doing the work. We recommend you follow a cross-stitch pattern to cover up the tear on the top, which will hold the top together. It is the first tip for effective convertible top repair without any issues.

Learn more how to sew the broken convertible top by watching the video below!

2. Tape and Glue

Now get inside the car and use masking tape to hide the bottom of the tear. It is vital, as it will hold the damage together and stop the glue from leaking through to the top interior. Masking will also keep the thread or wire from breaking, as you are working on making a replacement patch.

After masking, use heavy-duty glue, and apply it over the seam, which you created on the top. Don’t worry about using too much, the tape you applied in the last step should be catching the excess, so long as you did that correctly. It would be another useful tip if you were looking to repair convertible tops without any hassle.

3. Cut Canvas

Next, cut a piece of marine canvas to cover the tear, but make sure to cut at least 1 to 2 inches extra. Make sure to mark the shape precisely and cut the same using a pair of sharp scissors.

Now, wait until the glue is dry and then remove the tape on the interior of the car. Sew the replacement patch to cover the tear. Another good option would be to sew the patch on the outside of the damage if the canvas is of the same type and color. We recommend you dye the patch when planning to take the car outside.

4. Seal

After you have taken care of sewing the replacement patch of the canvas onto one side of the convertible, cover all stitched holes with the same glue. You can apply a layer around the stitching or place small beads of glue in between the thread or wire.

It will keep the moisture from the air or rain from soaking into the patch and inside the car. We recommend you apply a reasonable amount and cover any glue.

5. Clean Up

The last tips for convertible top repair is making sure to clean your hands after checking the repair throughout once more. We recommend you use a scissor to cut any extra material. Use your hands to check for any replacement patch, which has not been fixed correctly to the existing canvas.

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If your convertible is a hardtop and it needs repair then it is a whole different beast and beyond the scope of this entry, remember that there are more pieces in a convertible top than only the canvas. If the power mechanisms involved are a problem, meaning your top doesn’t raise or drop like it is supposed to, then you will need a skilled, knowledgeable repair man to sort it out.

These are the best convertible top repair tips to maintain the top cover of your convertible ride. Just follow these with utmost care and precision, and Voila! You have a new convertible to ride with friends.