How to Remove Moisture from Headlight?

Is there moisture build up in your car headlights? Well, this is a very common issue faced by many car drivers. The moisture causes the headlights to not work appropriately, thus making it treacherous to drive at nighttime. So, it’s important to fix it immediately. But, you need not worry. There are many effective ways to remove this moisture from the headlights quickly and easily. So, let us explore how to remove moisture from headlight. Read below to find the useful tips and tricks.

How to Remove Moisture from Headlight? – Easy Way to DIY!

The moisture inside your headlight can potentially dim your car lights, which can make your car less visible to the ongoing traffic. Thus, it can increase the chances of an accident. To avoid such situations, here are some helpful guidelines that will guide you – how to get water out of headlight?

Materials Required

Let’s check out the materials needed for the moisture-removal:

1. A Socket and a Ratchet

To unbolt the three screws around your vehicle’s headlight, you just need a socket and a ratchet. Don’t forget to check the owner’s manual for identifying the exact size. If your car is old, a screwdriver is enough to unlock the screws.

2. Silica Gel Packs

how to remove moisture from headlight in the right way
Using silica gels to know how to remove moisture from headlight. Source: Youtube

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These packs are best for gripping moisture. Inserting these gel packs in your vehicle’s headlights is a better, cheap option for vanishing moisture from the headlights.

3. A Lint-Free Cloth

This cloth is used to eliminate the current dampness from the interior of your car’s headlights. If there is no moisture present currently, you can skip this piece.

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Follow the Steps to Remove the Moisture

Now, you need to chase the following steps in order to eliminate the moisture completely.

1. Remove the Headlight Assembly

Firstly, you need to remove the three screws of your headlight assembly with the help of socket and ratchet. Simply, rotate the screws in a clockwise direction to entirely remove them. Read out the owner’s manual and some car maintenance tips to better know the taking-away process.

2. Wipe off the Build-up Moisture

After removing the headlight assembly, it’s time to clean the moisture that is currently in the headlights with a lint-free cloth. Wipe the whole area around the lights as well as near the lights that appear damp.

3. Insert Silica Pack

Once the interior of the headlights is dried completely, it’s time to place the silica gel packs inside the headlights. These packs will wholly absorb the moisture present there. Ensure that these gel packets are not exposed to the headlight bulbs; otherwise, they’ll block the light that is coming from the headlights.

4. Re-Install the Headlight Assembly

Answer to how to remove moisture from headlight
Re-Install the Headlight Assembly to remove moisture from headlight. Source: Youtube

After you have finished with the insertion of silica gel, you require re-installing your headlights. Simply, place the headlight from where you detached it and insert the screws firmly.

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So, the answer to your question – ‘how to remove moisture from headlight’ is now explained. Now, say goodbye to the foggy headlights by following these quick and easy tricks.