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Why Using Transparent Aluminum In Car Windshields Not A Good Idea?

Car windshields are an imperative part of the entire automobile. One cannot even imagine a vehicle that does not have glassy windows all around. These are the vital security components in the cars as well. The manufacturers try their level hard to design the window glass that reduces the risks and complications when the car met with an accident. Windshield glass in today’s age is much more reliable than the previous ones. It shatters in thousands of small pieces just after a mishap. The idea of using transparent aluminum in car windshields is not a wise initiative. Wondering what are the reasons behind it?

Let us find out the reasons that make the use of aluminum in car windows a bad idea.

Transparent Aluminum In Car Windshields- The Drawbacks

Usage of simple glass in the car windshields was never a good idea. Same is the case with transparent aluminum as well. The reason behind it is the “cracking” of glass with a simple push. That is why the usage of special windshield glass came into the picture. Using aluminum in car windshields will create the same dilemmas again. The windshield glass used in this day and age is coated with special covering. The laminated covering on the windshield glass makes it preeminent in all the ways.

Let us discuss the drawbacks of using aluminum in car windows.

1. Stiffness Of The Material

Transparent aluminum is not that hard when compared to today’s windshield glass. It carries the same properties of a normal window glass used in old days. The rigidity of the material is the chief issue that impressed the manufacturers to drop the idea of using transparent aluminum in car windshields straight away.

The transparent aluminum window glass cracks easily when the airbags come into play during an accident. The hardness of the transparent aluminum is one of the main problems that came into the spotlight.

Benefits of transparent aluminum in car windshields
Facts About transparent aluminum in car windshields. Source: RNR Auto Glass

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 2. Highly Expensive

Transparent aluminum is much more costly then the regular glass or special windshield glass. Using transparent aluminum for making window windshields will not be a good idea no matter what. Due to this issue, the windshields cost much more than the car itself. This is the reason manufacturers dropped the plan of using transparent aluminum in their vehicles.

3. Breaking Instead Of Shattering

Regular glass never shatters and this is the same issue with transparent aluminum as well. It just breaks into large pieces of glass that can harm the people in an accident. Today’s windshield glass is a little different to that of regular glass. These days, manufacturers utilize special windshield glass that completely shatters after an accident. Expert’s maintenance tips recommend the usage of special windshield glass above transparent aluminum in car windshields to stay away from the dilemmas.

How to adjust transparent aluminum in car windshields?
Story behind transparent aluminum in car windshields. Source: Youtube

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These were the drawbacks of using transparent aluminum in car windshields. Make sure to consider these tips for the next time you are going for car window replacement.

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