Does Putting Body Parts Out Of A Car Window Can Cost A Big Loss?

It feels so good to hit the roads in the middle of the night and feeling the air in your hands through the car window. Right? But, how many of us care about the danger that can give a regret for the lifetime. Putting body parts out of a car window is as dangerous as drunk-and-drive. Numerous people lost their body parts or have some very serious injuries while enjoying their selves out of the window.

So, let’s find out why you shouldn’t put your body parts out of the car window anyway!

Why Putting Body Parts Out of a Car Window is Dangerous?

Here you will get to know what can happen to your body parts and who are more prone to get injured when hanging body part out of the vehicle. So, without a further ado, let’s find out the consequences of doing so here.

1. Sideswipe – The most Common Hazard

Imagine you are enjoying your ride by putting your arms out of the window and feeling the fast flowing wind through you. Amazing isn’t it? Now picture another view of yourself having the same experience, but this time a car coming at the speed of 50MPH gets a bit too close to the inside lane. Now what? SMASH and you’re in trouble! You have nothing but the injured and broken arms that you might never get back. This phenomenon is what you can call a “sideswipe or traffic elbow.”

In fact, the drivers can also meet such accidents while hanging their one arm out of the window to give it some rest. Numerous people become a victim of sideswipe not only by a vehicle passing near the car, but also by banging the body parts into trees, debris, or other objects. So, one should be very careful while driving and traveling a well.

2. Amputation & Broken Bones

Injuries happen due to putting body parts out of a car window. These two injuries are the most likely to happen, which are:


Broken Bones

When the injured portion has no chances to recover or might even have chances of being infected, then that part is supposedly taken apart from the body.

Putting body parts out of the car window causes accidents
Broken bones due to putting body parts out of the car window. Source: Daily Express

However, if a person is lucky and the speed is relatively slow, there might be only a few broken bones, which are possible to recover by an orthopedically treatment.

Getting some driving tips about what you should do in such situation, how you could prevent this situation is the first thing you should do when you meet the driving experts.

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3. Who is Probable of having such Accidents?

Most of us think that only kids are less likely to get injured in such situation as they have shorter arms. If you too think so, you’d be probably wrong! Why? Well, when a kid hangs the head out of the window due to any reason there are chances that he/she might push the power button knowingly or unknowingly by the leg or arm. The chances are that the kid might choke to death.

This is so unfortunate that most of the parents are not aware of incidents like those that sideswipe and the amount of kids getting injured are increasing day by day.

4. Even your Pooch can Also Get Injured

Nothing can make your dog happier than having a long drive with you. Isn’t it? Right! Even you might also love to see your pooch sitting next to you and seeing it having the time of the life. But, fun can turn into painful incident anytime.

Putting body parts out of the car window effects your dogs
Putting body parts out of the car window can harm your pooch. Source: Laughing Squid

Anything including a rushing car or debris can hit your dog in the face and its consequences are so worst that you won’t even like to imagine. Moreover, the high wind speed can cause too much ear flapping which can actually damage its ear permanently.

So, value lives and save lives by making everyone aware of putting body parts out of a car window today!