Toyota Hatchback Fight: Passo Vs Vitz. This Comparative Dig Can Help

The expensive cars might be the newsmakers, but it’s the hatchbacks which have been the most preferred segments. With growing technological advancements, these vehicles are much powerful and energy efficient these days. Being specific, Toyota as a manufacturer has been absolutely commendable in the hatchback segment.

The two most talked hatchbacks, Toyota Passo and Toyota Vitz can be the perfect examples depicting the reason that Toyota enjoys such a status. Well, when it comes to choosing one between the two, things have to get confusing. And, to clear all confusions out, here we present the comparative dig on Passo vs Vitz enabling better decision making.

Toyota Passo vs Vitz: Size, features and safety arrangements

When it comes to design and comfort, both Vitz and Passo have set things well accord to their available space. To start this round of Passo vs Vitz, the slimmer door panels have been brilliantly set looking at the confined space availability.

However, the noteworthy part about the Passo will be its safety features; be it the airbag or automobile security control, a traveler can feel absolutely safe with the vehicle. A bit bigger than Vitz, Passo can perfectly accommodate about 7 people.

Passo Vs Vitz

Now it’s Vitz’s turn of Toyota Vitz vs Toyota Passo. Well, it’s pretty akin to Passo, just with a smaller frame. Vitz can accommodate about five people. Sporting pretty much the same looks as of Passo presents moreover a four-member economic family car. With the likes of six speaker CD player, Bluetooth, music, USB, etc, Vitz has many to talk about.

In terms of safety features, this little master comes with SRS Airbags, traction control, antilock brake system, power lock, without key admission, etc. In short, if carrying two extra people is not your priority, then this round of Toyota Passo vs Vitz should go to Vitz.

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Toyota Passo vs Vitz: Engine, performance

Be it about the hatchbacks, SUVs, or sports utility, performance matters in all cases. Especially, the comparison gets more interesting when the contenders are two extremely popular ones like Vitz or Passo. Well, here we are going to be very specific to conclude the true winner of Passo vs Vitz in terms of performance. So, taking a dig at engine of the Vitz, you can witness a 1.5 li four cylinder engine that generates 106 hp powers.

With the above impressive engine, the 103 lb.ft torque coupled with five speed automatic transmissions (four speed manual transmissions), make Vitz look even more enchanting.

Coming to Toyota Passo, there you can find 1000 cc DOHC three-cylinder engine that generates 68 horsepower. Talking about torque, the new Toyota Passo is never really impressive managing only 68 lb-ft. On the other hand, where the Toyota Vitz delivers 9.4 li/100 Km, Passo hardly manages 4.4 li.


Now it’s clearly evident post going through the comparison that if size doesn’t matter, the new Toyota Vitz is a much biddable vehicle than the Passo.