What Component of A Car Has The Biggest Impact on Fuel Economy?

Several questions peep into one’s mind when suddenly the car’s fuel economy turns bad. For instance, what’s the source of the problem? Is it the driving method, engine oil, or vehicle’s component, that’s causing bad fuel economy?

To know the exact reasons, here we’ve caught the candidates of Car’s Component, which are highly responsible for affecting the vehicle’s mileage.

Important Car Parts for Fuel Economy

After spending a hefty amount of money on fuel daily, if you’re now looking for certain ways to save those bucks, try swapping the worn parts. Or else, pitch into few essential maintenance tips of car parts to boost the mileage.

1. Oxygen Sensor

All the cars manufactured after 1995 have this component mounted in the exhaust system. Calculating the exhaust flow before and after the catalytic converter, the component sends the information to the car computer (adjusting the fuel injection based on the data).

However, if this car component that affect gas mileage is not working properly, the transmission of inaccurate data will directly affect the gas mileage.

2. Mass Airflow Sensor

The most critical component contributing to fuel efficiency is MAF. Measuring the amount of fuel entering the engine, the Mass Airflow Sensor transmits the calculated data to the vehicle’s computer.

Here, if the bad MAF throws the outbalance calculation; it typically affects the fuel injection, resulting in bad fuel economy. Therefore, scanning the computer codes is what can help you in determining the condition of the MAF.

Tip: The troubling code directing towards the MAF is a sign of faulty component.

3. Air Filter

The name “air filter” itself describes the functioning of the component. And in case, the air passes through the dirty filters continuously, this calls for the reduction in gas mileage (especially in old cars).

Bad fuel economy
Vehicle components that causes fuel economy. Source: Youtube 

Therefore, replacing the air filters timely, is an easy, quick, and wise thing to do.

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4. Spark Plug

The new or clean spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber. However, during high fuel consumption, oil spilling over these plugs cause a misfire.

Besides this, when the car vibrates and struggles to accelerate, it clearly points towards the bad mileage. Now, there’re two reasons of the awful fuel economy; either the Worn out Ignition Coil or, the dead spark plug. And, usually, it’s the bad ignition coil, resulting from the engine’s heat.

5. Tires

Fuel efficiency and car’s handling are directly affected by underinflate, non-aligned, or worn-out tires. Responsible for maintaining friction between the vehicle and the road surface, their timely inflation, pressure and alignment checking is a must!

Checking car fuel economy
Managing car fuel economy. Source: Advance Auto Parts

Finally, apart from maintaining these vehicle’s component, one can increase the fuel economy even by following certain driving tips like gradual acceleration and light braking.