Toyota Prius vs Auris: The Complete Comparison

If you are looking for a Toyota car but still considering between Toyota Prius and Toyota Auris, this article will be useful for you. Let’s draw a car comparison between Toyota Prius Vs Auris to find out which one is the best for your garage.

Toyota Prius and Toyota Auris: Overview

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius 2023
Toyota Prius has always the world’s top-selling hybrid car for many years (Photo:

It is a full hybrid car with an electric mid-size hatchback. Formerly it was a sedan. Toyota Prius which was developed and manufactured by Toyota is among the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States. It also ranked as the most efficient gasoline-powered car in 2016. First launched for sale in Japan but later Toyota Prius was sold in over 90 international markets and ruled the global market after being launched worldwide in 2000.

With the success of the Prius, Toyota later expanded the Prius family and added more automobiles to its line. It globally accumulated sales of 5.7 million in 2016.

Let’s take an overview of the Toyota Prius in this video:

Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris
Toyota Auris was positioned with the purpose of replacing Corolla hatchback in Europe (Photo:

Auris has been derived from the Toyota Corolla. It is a compact hatchback. The first generation started with a Corolla and the second one had a compact five-door hatchback and station wagon. More luxurious Auris was named Toyota Blade in Japan.

We can see Auris is a car you will look forward to driving. Toyota Auris is designed with bold, dynamic styling and a spacious, intuitive interior that caters to every demand of customers. With the new Auris Bi-tone, Toyota makes sure that customers are guaranteed to turn heads and with the option of Toyota’s responsive hybrid powertrain and advanced engine options, the perfect drive for what customers need.

A short video about Toyota Auris:

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Toyota Prius Vs Auris: Head-to-Head

Round 1: Functions

Comparing functions
Toyota Prius offers a huge advantage for anyone serious about the economy

The Prius has a spacious boot along with a nicely built floor; the floor obscures a “secret compartment” under it. The Auris on the other side offers you a compromised boot because the battery takes up the whole space.

On comparing Toyota Prius vs Auris, we see that the Prius offers a huge advantage for anyone serious about the economy. It has MPG tracking through which you can track MPG per journey. You can also check your previous graphs and such information can be really helpful at times. This is missing in Auris.

The HUD: It’s another merit of Prius. It turns out to be genuinely helpful when maintaining speed or engine mode, to keep an eye on the pathway. But in Arius, you’ll need to look down at the analog meter. This can be irritating.

You get a bonus point for your driving position too. The wheels are adjustable; while the Auris always seems to be a little high, which compensates you to bump the seat up.

Prius offers you better Bluetooth connectivity and voice control, than what you get in Auris. It also has good sound quality of the audio system.

While Auris has a small rear view screen, the Prius offers a larger one. It has a large screen for Reverse cam which makes it easier to see what’s going on than the tiny display.

For this comparison, the winner is completely Toyota Prius, the standout choice with its full functions and fuel economy.

Toyota Prius Vs Auris: Round 1

 Toyota PriusToyota Auris
BootSpacious boot along with a nicely built floorCompromised boot
MPG TrackingHave MPG tracking which you can track MPG per-journey and also check your previous graphsDo not have this function
HUDHelp to maintain speed or engine mode, to keep an eye on the pathwayDo not have HUD
Driving positionAdjustableA little bit higher
MediaGood voice control, better bluetooth activities
Large rear screen which is easier to see than small ones
Good sound quality of the audio system
Small rear screen

Round 2: Style

Comparing of the style
Toyota Auris is designed with better stylish interior

Toyota Auris has a much-styled interior with dark leather seats, and dark gray materials which provide a warm and comfortable ambiance. Prius, on the other hand, has cheap gray plastic material.

Auris has electric folding mirrors which can be very helpful at times, especially when you have compromising space in your garage or parking lot. Prius is missing this one.

The USB compatibility is amazing in Auris. Just plug in your cable and you’re all set to play whatever you want. Prius surprisingly has no USB; they have a Bluetooth option for music.

The sporty Steering wheels of the Auris are more comfortable than those of what Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius Vs Auris: Round 2

 Toyota PriusToyota Auris
InteriorsCheap gray plastic materialDark leather seats, dark gray materials which provide a warm and comfortable ambiance
Electric folding mirrorsDo not have electric folding mirrorsHave electric folding mirrors which can be very useful at times
USB compatibilityDo not have USB. Instead of USB, it has Bluetooth option for musicHave amazing USB compatibility
Sporty Steering WheelsLess comfortableMore comfortable than Toyota Prius

Competing the Toyota Prius might be an impossible mission although the Auris has some advantages in comparing of style. However, if your budget is limited for purchasing the Prius, Toyota Auris is also a sensible choice with its reliability, smart technology, and stylish touches.