A Complete Comparison between Toyota Allex vs RunX

The classiest automobile company Toyota started launching its ‘’Corolla” series in 1966. The name Corolla stands for “crown”; and it eventually became the best-selling car around the globe. The Corolla line has successfully managed to grab a spot in best-selling annual sales since 1974. In fact, nearly forty million cars have been sold till now. Let us give you a brief comparison of Toyota Allex vs RunX. These are the famous twin in Corollas family.

Toyota RunX Over View

Toyota RunX
Toyota RunX was modified with back storage compartment with an upward-swinging door

While expanding their brand into the hatchback market; Toyota took the Corolla design and brought some implementations into it. The earlier model was simply tweaked a little. Toyota thus modified the back storage compartment with an upward-swinging door. The new modifications brought the birth of Corolla FX hatchback; which was later assigned with a new brand name, “Toyota RunX”. The RunX got popular as the Japanese domestic car.

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Toyota Allex Over View

Toyota Allex
Toyota Allex was created from the Sprinter version with some powerful modifications and alterations in its design

Along with modifying the Corolla into RunX, Toyota produced another car with the same body design. This line was intended to be sold exclusively in Japan. They named it Sprinter, for it was envisioned as a sporty version of Corolla. As well, Sprinter was impressively well-received and gave a tough competitive in the market. Therefore, Toyota decided to collaborate with the US manufacturer General Motors and created a new car; especially targeting the American marketplace.

The Sprinter along with some powerful modifications and alterations in its design got rebadged as Toyota Allex. The car got the popularity after that.

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Comparison between Toyota Allex vs RunX

Toyota Allex vs Runx
Both Allex and Runx have their own excellent attributes

The main difference between the two automobiles is their size. The result between Toyota RunX vs Toyota Allex shows that Allex is a bit more spacious and has a commodious design.

Allex offers slightly better fuel economy on the highway and better cruise control. It also offers a better balance between the engine power and the fuel economy.

RunX, on the other hand, has the better traction control and slip differential.

It is hard to compare between these 2 popular models. Both have excellent and handling attributes; as well as very popular throughout their run in both the domestic and international market.

Put it in an easy way, if you’re going go ride with the whole family, go for a Toyota Allex since it has more space, better fuel economy and cruise control.

For a good speedy ride on the highway and exploring places, then Toyota RunX is your better choice with excellent aerodynamics and handling attributes, optional sunroof, front fog lamp and also the Xenon headlight.