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Free Car Giveaway Campaign: How to register and check your status

CAR FROM JAPAN organizes Free Car Giveaway Campaign 2018 with a purpose to make our world a better place. There are 4 Free Cars and many other valuable gifts worth of US$30,000++. Lucky winners will be chosen in 20th every month.You do not need to buy anything or pay anyone to participate in this contest.

Below is the complete guideline how to register and win the game.

Guideline how to register Grand Giveaway Campaign

Step 1. Go to the Campaign link  

Click here to go to the Campaign landing page

Step 2. Apply

  • Click on “Apply Now” button and fill in your information.
Contact box
Fill in all neccessary information in this step

Note: Make sure you create Password to secure your account in the Campaign. Your email address and password are required to log-in on the website.

Step 3. Verify your email

  • Go to your mail box, open our email with title [Verification Required].
verification email
We will send you a Verification email, please check your mail box!
  • Click “Star” icon, it will be easier to find this email next time.
  • Click button “Confirm My Email” ← your registration is completed.
Click “Confirm My Email” to complete registration phase.


Note: Check “Spam” box or “Junk” box if you do not see the email in Inbox.

How to check your points and status?

  • Go to campaign page  >>Click here
  • Login
  • Click “Check My Points” button
Check my point
Click “Check My Point” tab to see your current point.

How to win the game

  • After registering you will get a referring link, uniquely made for you. The more you share this link, the more point you will get.
  • The participants with highest points will win the prizes, announced every 20th of each month.

How to earn more points

Check out the below useful information:

  1. Ben Msilwa says

    You have done a very good thing to provide the free gift to us ,we use this apportunity to publish your company because it help us to rise up our life.Iam very happy for that am sure am going to win this gift.

  2. Ben Msilwa says

    You have done a very good thing for providing us a free gift. Now lam going to publish your company because it help us to rise up our life am very happy for that ,am sure am going to win this gift.

  3. theopister mganwa says

    Car From Japan is one of the best platforms for those in search of high quality used Japanese cars at an unbeatable price. Talking variety, exceptional service delivery and quality cars, Car From Japan has it all under one roof. Having been part of Car From Japan Grand Giveaway campaign from the very beginning, I have been holding my dreams high each time I participated hoping to receive a car thus far. Regardless of my inability to win a car, I still hold Car From Japan dearly in my heart and shall continue to participate in every campaign to spread the news about your innovative platform. Being picked as a winner shall be a bonus to my hard work that speaks volumes for itself to those who have been observing my sheer determination and hard work in all successive campaigns up to date. Car From Japan brings joy to many people globally especially in developing countries mostly Africa where owning a car is a huge expenditure with fewer people able to afford to undertake, thus Car From Japan brings mobility to the masses who couldn’t make it buy a brand new car.

  4. Kundishora Tatenda says

    Quality cars are from Japan

  5. Richard Ashery Nyanginywa says

    Hello,thanks for this grand prize you gave us,we would like to thank you because it increases the rate of using your company to import cars,Now I have tried to get this prize and I hope I will win,I wish you all the best and God bless you.

  6. Moshi kwaang samaitu says

    Be blessed, the company of the people for the people, the competition make us busy and think

  7. Munawwar ally says

    God bless your company its so awesome and every one like it

  8. Bertha Chikuse says

    I am very grateful for being given the chance to partipate in this give away competition. I am already an advocate of cars from Japan. Giving me a chance to win will strengthen my advocacy activities which I am already doing by encouraging people to buy from Japan

  9. Paulina Charles says

    Your idea is more useful for us because i wish to buy a car from japan thus i will let my friend also to be encouraged on it as i know they will be interesting to participate on spread the very good information from japan.

  10. Paulina Charles says

    Car from japan are more stronger and useful even in rough road. Enjoy yourself by use car which are made from japan

  11. Onoto Alele Fred says

    This is my first time to come across this link but Iam already convinced and I’ll win so many to join and participate should I be given the opportuneness to win a car.

  12. Ramadhani Mbella says

    this is the things that we want,be blessed

  13. Apete says

    maybe this is time for me to met my dream come true,this competition is so so cool no country in the world is to give a car for free like Japan the most best car dealer in worldwide..

  14. says

    Hello my car

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  16. Siyad mohamed says

    Nice for all people I personal I appreciated

  17. Joseph Alex Feruzi says

    Hellooo. am sure I am going to this gift. my right obligation now is to public your company as I can. Yes Let me win. yes am going to win!!!!!

  18. Noel Mahenge says

    But Iam the next winner

  19. Ibrahim Lutagwa says


  20. Marie hickey says

    I would love a new car as I never had one and I would really love to have my own transport some day this would be a dream come true if I won this fabulous dream car prize this would really cheer me up completely if I won this as I’m 37 years of age too and just dreaming to hava a car some day would be a miracle

  21. Ahsan says

    I want urgent a car

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