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Free Car Giveaway Campaign – How the winners are chosen?

Free Car Giveaway Campaign – How the winners are chosen?
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Car From Japan organizes Free Car Giveaway Campaign to create a circle of connection, caring and sharing.

How The Winners Are Chosen Every Month

In 30th every month, among top participants with the highest points, we will pick the winners who show most effort without cheating. Here is how our winners are chosen:

Guideline: How our winners are chosen.
We choose the winner carefully, to make sure the game is fairplay.

First round: Choose top 20 highest points

Choose top 20 with the highest points into “Candidate list”

Second round: Remove “cheating case”

Check whether there is any abnormality in the number of referred click, register, and emails shared.
If we detect any activity that shows system manipulation or inhuman-entry, we will remove that participant from “Candidate list”.

Third round: Remove candidates who spread inappropriate (abusive, racist) content on SNS, Blog, Essay

Track the content/message that the participants wrote about us online (SNS, Blog, essay)
If we detect any content that is untrue, abusive, or racist, we will remove the participants from “Candidate list”.

Forth round: Choose the winner – highest points among the remaining candidates

In the remaining “Candidate list”, we will pick the participant with the highest score to be the winner of that month.

How to earn more points

Check out the below useful information

  1. Sajid says

    Really Nice Method To Choosing Winning !! Please Read and My Suggestion
    1. Remove In Few Hours (Few Minute) Get Ranked
    2. Remove Who’s Using Tool For Point
    3. Remove Who’s Using Fake Referral
    4. Remove Who’s Fake Profile Detail
    5. Remove Who’s Make Fake Profile and Winning Time Address Given Differ

  2. Bhupendra Singh says

    wish to win grand prize.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Good luck

    2. Colleen Kent says

      To say i wish to win would not express my feelings kids and i have had a really bad couple of years .i keep entering contest hopeing to win
      If i won i think it would give me a sighn not to give up .besides im driving a car from 1999 everything is wrong with it .when i drive it i pray it will make it.thank you colleen kent


        Good method of choosing a winner

  3. Vasco Yalu says

    Very nice way to choose a winner that is transparency and countability

  4. Harmers Mainza says

    Thanks for your message I really trust your cars they are genuine .

  5. Harmers Mainza says

    Your selection is fairly

  6. Freda Malaso says

    Thank CAR FROM JAPAN.I hope it’s my luck time to drive my car.

  7. Freda Malaso says

    Thank you very much CAR FROM JAPAN. I hope it’s my luck time to drive my own car.I will strive to work with you to make sure that I become a winner.


    Hopefully this my great gift from GOD to my Long term Dreaming Drive the great car of my which always AMEN <<<<GOD <<<SKYLINE ALWAYS SPINNING ON THE ROAD BUT NOT myself drive the GTR ,,Sad myself Always the wacthing on the Side Off the Road not the Seed b side driver.,OH,,,MY GOD PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN,
    ARI GA TO ,,KO sai mas,

    Best Regards
    ARTHUR.Sammy Sam

    1. SAMSHUL AMIR Hanafi says


  9. Kinne Meitekini says

    Praying this gonna be my luck,,please God let ne win

  10. Joseph Masalu Bahayile says

    God be with me. Car from Japan is going to change my life

  11. sandra akomas says

    How I wish I can be any of the winners

  12. George Sitolo says

    It seems like your createria of selection is fairly,

  13. Davie says

    Ihope to win this contest soo much,how life is now,and my means of earning,it would do me alot of good,i just cross my fingers,it would be such a blessing for me,i check every now and then for good news..

  14. Rash Zimba says

    I am impressed with your createria of choosing the winner. Am looking forward to be one of the winners.

  15. ANDREW E. LULYEHO says

    car from japan is the quality than others company

  16. Stephen says

    God plié help me

  17. Stephen says

    God please help me

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