Tips for winning Free Car from the previous Winner

Car From Japan has already announced the Winner of Grand Giveaway 2017 Campaign who won a Free Car. The June Free Car Winner of Grand Giveaway 2017 Campaign would like to share these useful tips to all participants for getting your own chance. You can win by yourself!

How to increase your chances of winning

You may feel unlucky if you have never won this contest before. However, there are 10 things that you can do to increase your winning chances:

– First, read the rules and understand the requirements well.

– Make sure your contact information is accurate when you fill the form.

– Using all available social networking channels and marketing to SHARE. All channels below use the power of referral marketing, circles and networks of relationships.

No. Social Networking Sites
1 Facebook (Fan pages, groups, personal and friends’ timelines)
2 Twitter
3 Instagram
4 Youtube
5 WhatsApp
6 Google Publishers’ Network
7 LinkedIn
8 Blogs
9 Forums
10 Google Groups
11 Email Marketing
12 Friends & Family

– Use your contacts in your email accounts. Invite them from Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live.

– Use reviews on Facebook, Google and others; make sure to share them publicly.

– Visit your point page daily for free points.

– Repeat and rinse by SHARING daily but refresh the message to keep audiences interested and engaged.

– Ensure you help referrals on how to correctly apply, enter the contest.

– Check your emails regularly.

– Avoid cheating, you will get caught.

If you have not applied the Grand Giveaway 2018 Campaign, let’s start your chance right now by joining Campaign! There are many interested prizes in the next months.

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