Why Don’t We Have Flying Cars?

Why don’t we have flying cars? This question has hit most of us but no one really knows the answer. Well, there are some practical reasons why no automaker has yet tried the concept. In fact, here you will know some causes why you may hitch before buying a flying car.

Marketing and Regularity – The Two Major Issues

The two major issues difficult to fit with the ‘flying cars’ concept is marketing and regularity.

Let’s know why!

1. Marketing

If you think carefully, you won’t find many valid reasons to market the flying car concept. The market already has private helicopters, exec jets and passengers planes that take most of the limelight. This means only rich folks would ask for such cars, where nothing else fits. And, this is a rare case.

2. Regulatory

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cannot afford to have several non-trained amateur pilots flying all around. The air traffic control already has colossal air traffic to deal with and mounting it with more is certainly not a good idea.


Why Flying Cars in an Unimaginable Concept Yet

Here are a few reasons why flying cars concept is still far to imagine.

1. Flying is Scary

Flying in the air makes people anxious. In fact, there are people who have a flying phobia and thus, join some classes to overcome this fear. Now, think about people that you see around while traveling on a plane. Most of them are sipping coffees, reading newspaper or relaxing, which will not be the case when driving a flying car.

Another point to consider is that flying is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs sheer training, alertness and practice.

2. An Expensive Affair

Expensive flying cars
Constructing flying cars. Source: SCMP

No wonder automakers do think about introducing this concept in the market but the cost is what stops them. It might not take millions of dollars to construct a flying car but definitely, it won’t be a cheap conveyance. Terrafugia, a private car/plane company price tagged their vehicle (flying car) close to $300,000. Thus, you can well imagine how much the flying cars in future will cost you.

3. Driving Flying Cars in Bad Weather is Difficult

Proper driving of Flying Cars
How to drive Flying Cars in bad weather. Source: The Times

Suppose you are driving your flying car and suddenly you experience thunderstorm and lighting. Even though your car has the ability to deal with it, yet driving in bad weather will be a tough job. Clarity is another issue you will have to face throughout the journey.

In addition to this, depending on the air temperature, taking off and landing will affect the car’s aerodynamics as well.

Even with the vast industry knowledge, automakers are not sure about manufacturing flying cars. The whole concept needs several things to consider, which makes such cars still a farsighted dream in reality. As airplanes and similar vehicles are doing a perfect job until now (except some incidents), there is a minimal need of flying cars even in the modern era.

But humans are never satisfied and perhaps, a time may come when such cars won’t end up in dreams only.