Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Cars- Things To Know Before Buying It!

After gaining access to almost every class of vehicle, be it those minivans or luxury sedans, hybrid cars have become the most happening thing in the car world out there. Of course, there are certain pros and cons of hybrid cars like every car else, but there is something special about the cars, which has increased its world demand.

Hybrid vehicles got their name because they utilize two engine technology together. So, you can expect the standard gasoline-powered engine along with the electric motor, which gets its juice from a battery pack, which you can charge anytime. Why not begin with understanding the actual pros and cons of these cars, to attain industry knowledge better.

Buying A Hybrid Car? Certain PROS To Look For Now!

Let’s explore some of those pros out of both the pros and cons of hybrid cars, before actually making this luxurious thing yours.

1. Smaller Engines

Consider these cars because they don’t have to power up the vehicle alone. The gasoline engines that are used in Hybrid cars are quite efficient, no matter how light and small they are.

2. Lower Emissions

Call these cars environment-friendly, as they have lower emissions than all those conventional gas engine cars. So, you are also contributing to a cleaner environment, when running this vehicle on roads.

3. Light In Weight Cars

Manufacturers use lightweight materials to construct these cars. So, these vehicles don’t consume much energy. Isn’t it great to own such a car that is so light to drive? Of course, it is!

Certain Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars
Steering is never easier with lighter car weight (photo source: Ford Mustang)

4. Low Dependence On Fuel

The superb efficiency of these cars helps in minimizing our dependency on oil. Besides, this even keeps the cost of the gasoline in check. So, in short, these are the perfect vehicles to have when you want to save the money as well as the fuel.

5. Cheap Operation Cost

As you may know or not about pros and cons of hybrid cars, regarding fuel cost, electricity cost far less than diesel or petrol gas. According to US Environmental Agency, two traditional and electric cars can run 100 miles with $13.36 worth of petrol and $3.74 worth of electricity respectively. For an average driver who run 12.000 miles per year, using diesel car costs $1603 while using electric car costs only $499.

What does this have to do with a hybrid car? Most hybrid cars have 3 modes of power which can be switched with ease: diesel engine, electric motor, and both. Moreover, regenerative braking system even help the motor to recharge its electricity whenever slowing down or stepping on the brake. The combined mode proves best performance when driving up to 15 mph using electricity, then the diesel engine cut in only in need of speed increase over 15 mph and hard acceleration. Toyota Prius is typical of this unique mode.

Therefore, combining these modes whichever automatically or manually can reach maximum fuel economy and thus save driver quite a sum of money on fueling the car.

6. Better Resale Value

Whenever you make a decision of selling your car, expect a higher price for it any day. It is a fact that hybrid versions of any popular vehicle always remain in demand. Yes, used car market prefers such vehicles any day and you will get a higher value for the same any day. So, isn’t it a great idea to resell your car at such higher prices? Of course, it is. Just keep in mind a few ‘Buying used car frauds’, which will help you attain a genuine price for your hybrid vehicle.

And, here are some disadvantages of hybrid cars that every hybrid car buyer must know before actually purchasing the vehicle.

Cons Of A Hybrid Car

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars, we need to keep in mind that hybrid cars is a newest generation of cars so it is unavoidable that they cannot be perfect despite sheer benefits of hybrid vehicles.

1. Higher Purchase Cost

The hybrid cars generally have a higher price as compared to traditional vehicles. The reason is its highly efficient technology and fuel-saving advantages, which makes these vehicles expensive. But, it is just one-time payment of higher value, which is then adjusted later on.

Price, pros and cons of hybrid cars
More money from your pocket to the dealer of hybrid car (photo source: Getty Images)

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2. Maintenance Cost

Hybrid cars need more money to repair comparatively. Traditional cars, on the other hand, require a lesser price. Also, not all mechanics have all the equipment, which are actually required to repair these vehicles.

3. Limited Use On Motorways

Use of power modes is both pros and cons of hybrid cars. While a hybrid car suits best on urban crowded streets on which stop-and-go is the common thing, especially in congestion, as well as suit well with short to medium trips, it has proved the least efficient on motorways and fast A-roads where high speed is top priority. When it comes to speedy long distance driving, conventional cars are definitely a better choice concerning fuel economy.

Wrapping Up

After knowing all the pros and cons of hybrid cars, it would not be wrong to conclude that hybrid cars are a good option to own. Yes, there are certain cons, which hardly stand against the advantages of the hybrid cars.

Buying hybrid car is, therefore, a smart decision, when thinking of buying a new vehicle.