Auspicious Days To Buy Car In December 2017

If buying a car isn’t urgent, and you can practice some patience, waiting for few more days can save you more. Manufacturers offer some outstanding incentives in December, especially on the outgoing car models. Therefore, thinking to buy a car in December is a wise decision. In this month, dealers are motivated in order to reach particular sales objective and hence, incentives.

To understand the reason why December is the month for your car purchase, first, there is a need to understand the process and mentality of salesmen.

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December – The Best Month for Purchasing a Car

Like any other salesman, a car sales person has quotas. Often coming in shape of monthly, quarterly or annual goals for the number of cars they sell. This elucidates that your purchase could make a difference between their dealership hitting the sales and the salesman receiving a good incentive.

Therefore, December becomes the best time of the year to buy a new car. In fact, one could actually save up to 8.3% off the price of a new car. That is why salesman pushes hard to make their year-end sales quota worth the high bonuses. According to some dealers, inventories may be thin by then and people seeking specific features and color combination may be better served if you buy a car in December.

1. Best Days in December for Buying a Car

Buy car in December is a good option
Young car salesman advice you to buy car in December (photo source: Autotrader)

In December, some days hold key value than others in terms of discount. For most cars, you can expect a huge discount on certain days. Below are certain days with expected average discount:

  • 12/5/2017 – 8.6%
  • 12/10/2017 – 8.8%
  • 12/24/2017 – 8.7%
  • 12/28/2017 – 8.7%
  • 12/29/2017 – 8.8%
  • 12/30/2017 – 8.9%
  • 12/31/2017 – 9.4%

Although, these are the expected approximate discounts, yet one can rely on these for their new car purchase related decisions. December 5 and 10 has a difference of 0.2%, which is a huge difference from a buyer’s viewpoint. From the above data, it is easy to analyze that the good time to buy a car starts from December 24 and ends on December 31. Some studies show that people tend to make a purchase during the last week of this month. The reason is that first, salesmen work hard to clear their stock as it is year closing and secondly, it’s a holiday month. During last two weeks of the month, folks are available to research about their favorite model and hence, end up making a purchase.

In addition to this, we have some additional information regarding the best week days for buying a car. There are certain price fluctuations throughout the weekdays to help you make the right purchase.

Here are different break downs on saving:

  • Monday – 8.1%
  • Tuesday – 8.05%
  • Wednesday – 8.07%
  • Thursday – 8.08%
  • Friday – 8.06%

According to this, shopping on Thursday offers a net discount of 8.08% on a car. Although, there is not a much of a difference from Monday’s saving, yet there is a big enough difference that one can buy a $34000 vehicle on $32000 budget. Along with this, the discount a salesman expects to garner below manufacturer’s retail price, including relevant incentives.

On average, folks save for than 61% when buying a car on Mondays than on Sundays. The reason is that almost everyone goes on a Sunday to buy a car.

What if you do not wait for December to Buy a Car

In some situations, you may need a car sooner than later. In this case, the best days for purchase would be the last days of the month.

Best time to buy a car in December
Best days to buy a car in December (photo source: KKNews)

According to the founder and owner of From Car to Finish, Mike Robin, month end is great due to the above mentioned quotas that car salesman have to achieve. Further, if you have decent industry knowledge and negotiating the vehicle yourself, the end of the month is a good time. Because every sales manager has quotas to hit and remunerated if, they achieve it.

If you want to optimize your saving, along with all types of features and color combination, buy a car on Monday. Further, if you are already planning to buy a car in December, the last week of the month is absolutely perfect. In the last week, you would find the deepest discounts and expect your desired model at a much lower price.