The Nine Best Cars Never See on the Road Anymore

The automobile industry is never out of new models. So, it makes sense that what are hot-sellers now are likely to fall out of favor and get replaced by something else in a decade or so. The influx of technologically advanced, premium, and luxury vehicles make it inevitable that there are cars never see on the road anymore.

The List of Cars Never See on the Road Anymore

Check this list of 9 cars that used to be everywhere but these are now a rare sight. Well, some people may disagree, saying that their father or grandfather still has one of these. Well, it’s only because your old man has taken good care of his car!

1. Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

People in the ‘80s would have called you crazy had you had told them that Oldsmobile would defunct in 2004. The Cutlass Supreme was selling like hotcakes back then but the 21st century did not bring any good news either for the company or the car. You might still spot one or two from the more than 16 million Cutlasses built by Oldsmobile.

2. Ford Escort

It was the first front-wheel drive model from Ford. It was so popular that it even outsold Cutlass in 1982! The company sold millions of them during its 21-year production run but these are now one of the cars never see on the road anymore.

rare cars
Ford Escort (photo source: Ford)

3. First-Gen Ford Taurus

No surprise that another Ford makes this list. Just like the Escort, the first-gen Taurus also disappeared after being omnipresent for a long time. Ford sold more than 7 million units and they just ruled the American roads after hitting the road in 1986.

old cars
Ford Taurus (First Generation) (photo source: IFCAR/Wikipedia)

4. Pontiac Grand AM

Unlike the Taurus, the Pontiac Grand AM was not a great car but that did not stop people buying it! The company sold more than 4 million units between 1973 and 2005 (including an eight-year gap in production) but you will find them these days only at the pick-and-pull lots.

5. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The number of first and second gen S-Class is shrinking quite fast. It’s one of the long-serving Mercedes flagships, but you rarely see them in the parking lots nowadays. The small number of survivors will either end up in a collector’s garage or go to the scrap yard.

rare cars you don't see anymore
Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Second Generation) (photo source: Catawiki)

6. Chevrolet S-10 (Second Gen)

Chevrolet upped their game of styling with the second generation S-10. The car did look good and sold more than millions. However, it did not last and all you can see today is a few quite beat-up specimens.

rare cars
Chevrolet S-10 (photo source: GM)

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7. Acura Legend

Luxurious, gorgeous, and yet affordable, the Legend had everything that Acura stands for. In fact, it was Acura’s one of the greatest car lines and helped the company to earn a name as a brand. Nonetheless, their Lexus competitors are more popular these days.

old cars
Acura Legend (photo source: Car Scoop)

8. Honda CR-X

Who did not love the CRX when it first hit the market? It was the perfect example of what a Honda car should be. Nowadays, you will only see some beaters that look like their life is hanging in a balance!

9. 1991-1995 Honda Civic

The Civic was another good-looking Honda car that was a combination of value, performance, and comfort. Considering its popularity in the ‘90s, no one could have imagined that it would be a rare sight in the 21st century.

old cars
1991 Honda Civic (photo source: Honda Civic Japan Blogspot)