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Buying used car Fraud/Scams Awareness

Buying used car from Japan has long been a great choice since the price is so cheap but the quality, on the contrary, is so high. The reasons for such unbelievable condition is that the prices of cars in Japan are cheap. Japanese people tend to buy new cars frequently when new models come out, then their used cars are being sold at a super cheap price. Besides, in all countries, import taxes of the used car from Japan are super low compares to others. Eventually, more and more people start to buy used cars from Japan for their low prices, well maintained come together with trustworthy, reliable and fast delivery Japanese exporters. However, customers need basic ideas of Fraud/Scams Awareness to avoid buying used car from Japan scams/frauds.

Thrives on the reputation of excellent quality and reasonable prices from Japanese used car, criminal activities has occurred. So far we have heard of stolen cars, illegally rebuilt units or even remodeled vehicles. When it comes to exporters/car dealers, there’re reports of dishonest sellers cheating on documents and inspection certificates. A few faked website using fake names and identities was claimed for taking the advantages of car buyers. For your sake, take a look of our BUYING USED CAR FROM JAPANTIPS – FRAUDS/SCAMS AWARENESS.


genuine company has permanent address and office phone numbers

Make sure the company you’re buying from is a genuine one. This company has to have a permanent address, office phone numbers (those starting with +81-80 or +81-90). ONLY CELLPHONE AND EMAIL communicate is strongly not recommended! Indeed, check whether your supplier is legally registered & licensed if the company is a member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA).

Information of a safe trade member in JUMVEA
Information of a safe trade member in JUMVEA – Fraud/Scams Awareness

2. Photos, photos, and photos

Trusted car dealers normally will have many pictures of the car in details. Such info includes the plate, car from different views, or even documents of the car. Ask for more pictures if the vehicle you like have only a few images, the true car dealers tends to provide them fast. Additionally, these large, reputable used car exporters surely have a photo of the car in their consistent background.

Trusted site provides a lot of car's photo and information to avoid Fraud/Scams
Trusted site provides a lot of car’s photo and information to avoid Fraud/Scams

3. Be suspecting

Do not trust those advertisers with beautiful fancy cars at amazingly low prices. In this case, ask for the details history of the car. Do you know the full name of the sales executive who’s talking to you? Moreover, if the website, the emails, and messages of communications are full of errors; then highly percentage this is a fraudulent site.

4. Buy from the one that protect you

Last but most important, buy from a website offers “Buyer Protection service.”. “Buyer Protection service” is an escrow service to protect your payment. We will hold your payment until you confirmed that the suppliers had shipped the right car to you. Hence, only after you confirmed that you received the right car, by then the money started to be sent into to the seller account.

CAR FROM JAPAN proud to be a member of JUMVEA and all of our transactions will include “Buyer Protection service” for your best experiences of buying a great used car from Japan.

  1. Megan says


    We bought a Honda Fit in October 2017. In November when we received it, it did not run at all and needed multiple repairs, despite Beforward’s inspection saying there is nothing wrong with it.

    The ignition coil was broken and needed to be replaced – 170 US dollars
    The left rear suspension had a leak – 270 US dollars.
    We received the car with a broken side mirror and multiple scratches.

    After sending photos to Beforward and a mechanic inspection report, they refused to pay us anything for the repairs. WE THOUGHT THERE WAS A 30 DAY WARRANTY AS PROMISED BY BEFORWARD.

    All in all, with a battery replacement and transmission fluid replacement, the car cost over 700 US dollars in repairs and beforward would not take any responsibility or give reimbursement for the mechanical issues. Do not buy from Beforward, rather go with Japanese vehicles as we know they do pay for their repairs on arrival.

    Do not waste your money with BEFORWARD. You will be disappointed.

    From a VERY unsatisfied BEFORWARD customer.


    1. Avery says

      totally agree. Beforward sales agents are crap.. you are buying in faith they are selling a decent. They do not
      provide full disclosure.
      Satish the sales agent for the carribbean is horrible and should be fired.

  2. Kekeletso Linake says

    are you in South Africa?? I really need to buy a car to Japan who do I do plz help

  3. Oggi Msalilwa says

    I lives in Dar es salaam,Tanzania.I transfer my money to Everycar Co.Japan since November 2017 but i told the car i choose it already sold and there is so much story till now,please advise me how to do to get back my money

    1. Shazz raine says

      Hi Oggi
      Just wanted to find out if you finally got your car from every car. We also have the same problem.

      1. Mmbae says

        Hello shazz
        Kindly I wanted to if you got your car I’m also experiencing same problem…I paid for a car in Nov 2018 I’m yet to receive the car

  4. Maureen says

    True Be Forward sells faulty cars, my vehicle had a problem when it arrived in Dar despite paying for inspection. Be Forward is not reliable

  5. Alice Towett says

    I bought a car from Global partners CO Ltd in October. They are yet to ship the unit since then. Kindly let me know if it’s a genuine company.

  6. Avery says

    totally agree. Beforward sales agents are crap.. you are buying in faith they are selling a decent. They do not
    provide full disclosure.
    Satish the sales agent for the carribbean is horrible and should be fired.

  7. Bill says


  8. Steve says

    BEFORWARD are nothing short of criminals. They sold me a car that was in an accident and has been rebuilt using the back end of another car. The failed to disclose this on their advert and then they email to say the cars are sold “as is”. Being as they do not allow you to actually visit them, the “as is” can only refer to the information they provide.
    This practice would be illegal in the UK – failing to disclose this this vehicle is clearly an insurance write off.

    I plan on publishing my mechanics initial report that details exactly the type of vehicle you can expect to receive when dealing with these crooks.

  9. juraganmovie says

    Wonderful article! We are linking to this great article on our
    website. Keep up the good writing.

  10. Herin says

    does anyone know GOO NET EXCHANGE? I am about to trade with them, are they genuine? anyone used them? KINDLY HELP

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