How Tesla Changed The Way People Look At Auto Industries?

With the introduction of electric cars, Tesla has always been making news for all the right reasons. Tesla is not a brand that works in synchronization with the norm; instead, they make all efforts to stand out. The all-new fully and hybrid electric cars by Tesla are taking the market by storm. Read on to know more about how Tesla changed the auto industry for good.

Tesla Changed The Auto Industry, But How?

Tesla believes in bringing a new wave of change that will not only benefit them but the world too. Here is how.

1. Introducing The Autosteer

When there were only talks about how automatic could be the next big thing, Tesla introduced Autopilot in 2015. Tesla became the first one to introduce a feature such as this in autonomous commercial vehicles. The feature helps keep the car in its current lane, while automatically maintaining the speed and the distance between vehicles. Of course, the rest of the automakers followed the footsteps and are coming up with their own Autopilot systems.

Master skills of Tesla changed
Autosteering is a trend for automobile hype

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2. The New Era Of Electrification

Electric cars are no new invention, but the practicality and the credits for the great implementation surely go to Tesla. The electric cars by Tesla do not only go faster but further too. The best part is that Tesla changed the electric trend to the extent that it is now much safer than the cars running on internal combustion engines. All these innovations and Tesla backed a name on the “Most Innovative Companies,” list in 2015 released by Forbes.

3. The Unique & Impeccable Design

Almost all the electric vehicles in the market showcase a common design with a little unnoticeable change here and there. In simple words, there are no surprises for the masses. It is Tesla that begs to differ! The smooth and the graceful outlook of the Model S or the surprises introduced by Model X are to woo for. The thing is; Tesla has made owning an electric car cool along with making people aware of the new technologies.

The hype around the new introductions is to the extent that even a single tweet by Elon Musk gains the most attention. Wish to know about what is Google’s self-driving technology about? If yes, then refer to industry knowledge.

4. Over-The-Air Software Updates

There is nothing better than the Tesla’s over-the-air (OTA) software update. There are speculations that the power of the software update can give a good run for money to other market players. It has been almost five years that Tesla’s Model S got introduced, but since then no other car maker could introduce OTA updates. Do you know why Tesla is the king of the market? It has the capability to take risks and embrace the appreciations and the criticisms alike.

Reasons why people like Tesla changed
Tesla Automobile got latest software updates

Wrapping Up

This is how Tesla changed the automobile industry forever. The brand has been able to experiment with technologies that were only written in the book. Surely, Tesla is setting a standard for the others to follow with it in the lead. Having that said, Tesla has a long way to go!