Why Do Japanese Love Boxy Cars? The Reason Behind The Long Lasting Love

Have you ever binge-watched a Japanese show or happened to visit Japan? Did you notice that the cars are boxier and smaller in appearance and different in comparison to the new modern era cars? You may have thought why do Japanese love boxy cars? Well, here you can find all the answers.

The Reason Behind Why Do Japanese Love Boxy Cars

One thing is the preference, but there is certainly more to why Japanese drive boxy cars. Here’s an elaborate discussion on why Japanese have a never-ending love for these cars.

1. The “Shinto” Mindset

You probably are aware of how Japanese people believe so much in their traditions and historical cultures. One of such principles that Japanese believe in is “Shinto.” It follows the principle of honoring the earth and other human beings. The fundamental aspect of Shinto is to keep the minimal that you require and share the rest with your neighbors. This would not only give you satisfaction and happiness but makes you selfless as well.

Now you must be thinking what it has to do with cars? Japanese have followed the same rule while designing for the “three box rule,” cars that promote Shinto. It is the message that they pass on to the world that one should always develop a giving nature. This is one reason why do Japanese love boxy cars, read on for other philosophies behind the choice.

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Hidden agenda of why do Japanese love boxy cars
Reason why do Japanese love boxy cars (Photo Source: hotcars)

2. The “Kei Cars” Concept

Kei cars or aptly the light automobile version of cars is an ever prevalent concept in Japan since World War II. That was a difficult time for Japan, and therefore the people there couldn’t afford the luxury. In an attempt to make automobiles accessible and affordable, Japan introduced “Kei cars.” These were small boxy cars that added affordability and comfort to people across Japan.

The reason behind the increasing love for the boxy cars points out at the low tax and insurance liabilities that it offers. You would notice that the boxy cars are more prevalent in rural areas. The reason behind this is that they do not have to certify any parking space availability while buying the vehicle.

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3. The Space Factor

Japan is an island country that has become overcrowded over years. Owing to the high population rates around the country, parking space tends to fall short. When it comes to parking a car in any city around, drivers are facing challenges like never before. While one may enjoy driving the over-sized and the westernized cars, it would not be good for the increasing traffics.

Only a small car such as the boxy looking cars could save the day. The minimal parking space that the car occupies makes it a great choice for Japanese. That nowhere means you would have to compromise with the inside space. The Japanese manufacturers have worked creatively to increase the inner space while maintaining a compact outer shell. You could also go through industry knowledge for more interesting facts about cars.

Secrets about why do Japanese love boxy cars
Questions to ask at why do Japanese love boxy cars (Photo Source: wallpaperflare)

The Verdict

While every part of the world is feeling proud to introduce bigger cars that offer extra luxury, Japanese opt to differ. Now that you know why Japanese love boxy cars, you would understand why they are called smart people.