The Reason Behind Continuity Of Mazda Relying On Gasoline

With electric vehicles and hybrids dominating the roads, Mazda is a brand that still believes in going traditional. While they are following the trends regarding car design and respective features, they are trying to retain the gasoline engine. In simple terms, Mazda is wooing for the internal combustion engine, unlike the other market players. It would be interesting to know why the reason behind Mazda relying on gasoline. Let’s find out.

Theory Behind Mazda Relying On Gasoline

Technology has taken over, and hybrids and EVs are making it big in the market. Then there is Mazda, a brand trying to rely on gasoline. Read on, to know why Mazda believes in keeping its gasoline engine intact.

1. The Skyactiv-X Engine

Yes, Mazda has been retaining gasoline engines! Mazda focused on innovating the engine in a way that it offers fuel economy. Skyactiv-X utilizes Spark Plug Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI). The engine is believed to behave more or less like a diesel engine and uses a compression ratio of 16:1. The engine also maintains the air-fuel mixture in a way that it averts auto-ignition.

The purpose of installing Skyactiv-X is to enhance fuel economy while still using gasoline for combustion. The engine is expected to show an increase in fuel economy of about 20-30 percent. The agenda reflects how Mazda relying on gasoline helps address the problem of fuel consumption. It is the all-new Mazda3 that is all set to introduce Skyactiv-X in 2019.

Truths Behind mazda relying on gasoline
Steps needed for putting Mazda relying on gasoline (Photo Source: kelwaysvillage)

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2. Focus On What Works Globally

There is no doubt about the fact that EVs and hybrids are dominating the roads. On the other hand, one should know that there are still countries that rely on gasoline engines. For covering a larger part of the market, it is essential to reach everywhere. People in Thailand and Africa do not rely on hybrids as there are no government incentives. On the other hand, Indians still rely heavily on gasoline engines.

Mazda, therefore, thought of retaining gasoline while introducing a fuel-efficient engine, i.e., Skyactiv-X. The engine promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has managed to reduce it by 23 percent. One can say that it is a smart strategy by Mazda to reach out to their audience by amalgamating the traditional and the modern. You can also refer to industry knowledge for knowledge of the cars market based on demographics.

3. From The Driver’s Perspective

Mazda focuses on the drivers who like control! The automotive manufacturer has designed the automatic transmission in a way that it is capable of locking down the torque converter. This, in turn, makes the transmission give a feel of the manuals. The Mazda3 also has fewer gears that, in turn, make shifting faster and easier.

The direct controllability and direct response are what would take the new invention in the market by storm. The gasoline engine gives the power and control to take things your way. In short, Mazda realizes that power and g-load interrupt the overall driving experience, and that is what their internal combustion engine addresses.

Everything you need to know about mazda relying on gasoline
Story behind Mazda relying on gasoline (Photo Source: maxi-flash)

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Wrapping Up

The experience of driving Mazda would be worth the hype! Only when you get into the driver’s seat and pull off, you will realize the difference. The Mazda relying on gasoline is a smart choice, as it promises a good sounding engine and a car that feels good and comfortable to drive.