History of Toyota Land Cruiser – Right from the Beginning

The historic car maker Toyota has been launching the tremendous cars in the market. Toyota built the first land cruiser in 1951. It became the longest-running series. How Toyota became popular? Some lost facts are there in the Toyota car evolution. Let us get to know the unopened pages of the history of Toyota land cruiser.

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What’s Entire the History of Toyota Land Cruiser?

Many car brands have come and lost to the marketplace. Toyota Land cruiser has never lost its place in the race of excellent cars. Find below the complete history of this elegant car that will amaze you with incredible facets.

1. The Commencement- Gen I, AK10 (1944-50)

The first generation-AK 10 took plenty of time to create as Japan lost a war in 1944. The company built this first ever jeep in the history of Toyota land cruiser for the military of Japan . Other high-profile individuals started buying it for their luxury. It had a jeep like body sticking to 1-Ton casing along with six-cylinder petrol engine each one of which was of 3.4-litres.

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2. Gen II- BJ (1951-55)

This is the very Wally jeep with 9-bars in front. The BJ had a much bigger body on one-ton frame. Five diverse versions where derived from B series Jeep- touring liaison, two pickups, mobile communication, and firefighter. The production of all these series started in 1953 and by that time, numerous other government organizations booked orders for these latest cars. In 1954, the company changed the name from ‘Toyota Jeep BJ to the Land Cruiser’.

Find the history of Toyota land cruiser
Gen II- BJ (1951-55) Toyota land cruiser. Source: Carscoops

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3. Gen III-FJ20 (1955-60)

This was the fashion-driven version of second-generation Toyota BJ. Smaller yet styling FJ20 brought a revolution in the market. Toyota launched a huge range of trucks which was progressed from military machinery. This latest vision was far more civilized as it was totally covered by the hood and had rounded body. The wheelbase was shorter. The suspension was divided from Toyota Crown. The rides were a bit comfortable.

4. Gen IV- FJ55 (1967-79)

The world-beater- FJ55 was launched after the success of FJ20. This car was the ascended emblem that an entire company called an ‘icon’ in the history of Toyota land cruiser. They continued to make some amendments in the car by repairing and restoring each part. The US sold 162 trucks in 1960 and in 1984 the company built over one million trucks. After this model, the company built extraordinary land cruiser  FJ55 and 60-series.

5. To the Present Model

The seventh generation tuck of Toyota cars that is 70-series three-line split truck. This light duty truck is the perfect illustration of luxury meets utility. Land cruiser expanded to 5.7Lt V-8 a the fuel economy increased to 1mpg in 2008.

Read the history of Toyota land cruiser
Present Model of Toyota land cruiser. Source: Toyota

Land cruiser is efficient and compatible for any type of driver who has deep industry knowledge. The entire history of Toyota land cruiser is the corroboration that it has traveled through time and improved in many ways.