Why The Best Quality Japanese second-hand cars are Sold Cheaply

Millions of people all over the world purchase Japanese cars, because they are really cheap and with highest quality. It is really easy to purchase cars from Japan, just by searching the car in the Internet, with low prices, amazing service and the best quality. The Japanese cars are the cheapest in this planet. Though you are buying a used, second-hand car, its look will not differ from the new one. With all this positive and great conditions, how can these cars be sold for so cheap prices. This can only mean that there are some very crucial reasons why the highest quality Japanese cars are sold for such low prices.

  1. One of the primary reasons is that Japan has a very unique loan system

The loan system in Japan is a bit hard to understand, but let try to examine it. In Japan, you can buy a new car for almost half the original price, according to the laws of loan. For instance, if you want to buy a vehicle with the cost of $40,000, which has a resale value of 50%, due to this system of loans in Japan, you will only pay $20,000 for it. This unique system deduces the resale value of the car. According to the loan regulations, you should resale the car in 2 years and get a new one in the same way.

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  1. In the whole Asia, Japan offers the cheapest prices for getting vehicles

Another very important precondition for quality+affordable prices combination is that Japan has the cheapest car market in the Asia. Due to this, Japanese people change their cars too frequently, each time the new version is released. This very fact impacts on the prices of used Japanese cars. The Japanese used car inventory is being refilled too quickly, as people change their cars too frequently. So, the cars in this inventory are sold for low prices.

  1. The Import taxes are really low compared to other countries

Millions of people around the globe suffer from very high import taxes, when importing cars from other countries. But it is a completely different story in case of importing cars directly from Japan. The taxes are either too low or they even do not exist. So, this is the main reason why people all over the world desire to import cars from Japan directly.