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7 Mercedes-Benz Facts That Will Make You Go WOW

7 Mercedes-Benz Facts That Will Make You Go WOW
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Mercedes-Benz is an internationally renowned automobile manufacturer. It produces luxury cars, trucks, buses, and coaches. Like every other auto company, the Mercedes-Benz history doesn’t have any shortage of interesting incidents and events. There are many Mercedes-Benz facts that will definitely amaze you.

Mercedes-Benz Facts to Leave You in Awe

It is a division of Daimler AG – a German multinational automotive corporation. Founded in 1926, it is one of the top growing brands in today’s automobile industry. Let’s check out a few interesting Mercedes-Benz facts:

The brand’s founder got the first driver’s license

Karl Benz was the founder of the company and the maker of the first practical motorcar. Besides, he was the first person in the world to get a driving license. He received written permission from the Grand Ducal Authority in Luxembourg to drive his automobile on the city streets.

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One engineer for one engine

The high-performance division of the brand, Mercedes-AMG, takes up a high standard when manufacturing their vehicles. Also, it adopts the philosophy ‘one man, one engine.’ It means every single car is assembled under the supervision of a single highly-qualified technician. Needless to say, the vehicle has to pass a number of tests after the assembly process.

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Meticulous production process

As mentioned in the previous point, a car has to undergo almost thousands of tests before landing into the showroom. A team of workers supervised by one inspector carefully inspect the building and assembly processes before the products leave the workshop.

Cars with an active perfuming system

The S-Class cars have four different perfuming options. Marc vom Ende, who works as a perfume specialist for Symrise in Lower Saxony, created those fragrances named Sports Mood, Nightlife Mood, Downtown Mood, and Freeside Mood. All of them complement the leathery smell of new cars.

Michael Schumacher began and ended his career with Mercedes-Benz

It seems quite shocking because Schumacher is famous for his relationship with the Ferrari F1 team. He participated in the World Sportscar Championship under the Mercedes Junior Programme. He ended his career with the Mercedes F1 team in 2012.

Fish-like cars

A kind of yellow boxfish, a native of the Indo-Pacific region, was the design inspiration of the Mercedes-Benz Bionic, launched in 2005. The reason behind such a unique design was to make the shape aerodynamically efficient.

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A bare metal body car

The mechanics of the company had to scrape off the paint and putty of their W 25 car to meet the weight regulations of the Auto Union Grand Prix motor racing in 1934. Nevertheless, it surprisingly won the race, and the German press admirably named it Silver Arrow.

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