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24 Mercedes-Benz Facts That Will Make You Go WOW!

Be honest, everyone loves Mercedes-Benz. Not only the most famous car of the Mercedes, Benz is also a tough opponent for Honda, Ford, and all other brands. But the question is, what makes this car so special? In order to fulfill your curiosity, we will provide the list of Mercedes-Benz Facts.

24 Interesting Mercedes-Benz Facts

#1. The Marriage Secret

The first petrol powered Mercedes vehicle was made by Karl Benz, the Mercedes-Benz co-founder. His fiancee, Bertha, had to invest in the project as a part of the prevailing marriage law.

#2. Bicycle Plans

Back in 2005, the automaker released 3 models of bicycles: the Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike, The Fitness Bike, and the Trailblazer Bike. In future, Mercedes plans to release more sophisticated bicycles.

#3. The Pope Uses Benz Too

benz m class
The Pope’s favorite car

The Pope rides a Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV, with added features like oxygen system and bullet-proof glass. Mercedes has a reputation for supplying cars for VIPs with extra features.

#4. Ranking

Mercedes claimed the 30th place in a Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For” ranking in 2013. This proves that the splendid carmaker also follows an employee friendly scheme.

#5. Famous People With Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes-Benz 600 model is quite famous among celebrities. Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Hugh Hefner, Jack Nicholson, Coco Chanel, Aristotle Onassis, Fidel Castro, and Elizabeth Taylor owned this iconic model.

#6. Symbol

10 Mercedes Benz Facts
Do you know the meaning of the symbol?

The symbol of star is very popular, but does everyone know the facts about Mercedes Benz symbol? The Mercedes star symbolizes air, land, and sea. You can find the star in all Mercedes cars, on the hood.

#7. Motto

The Mercedes motto is: “Das Beste oder Nichts” which literally means – “the best or nothing”. Indeed, they are one of the best carmakers in the world.

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#8. The Golden Fact

A billionaire from Abu Dhabi placed an order for a custom-made Mercedes-Benz with a gold decorated exterior. White gold worth $2.5 million was used to complete the whole body work. That means the whole exterior was covered with gold.

#9. Perfect Design

mercedes-benz e-class
The design of Mercedes is always outstanding

It doesn’t matter how old is a Mercedes car there’s no room for squeak or rattle. Mercedes-Benz welds all of its vehicles in 10,000 different places to make sure no nuts or bolts get loose. Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the best-selling model with 13 million sold in 2015, is a perfect example of breath-taking design.

#10. Monument Fact

Last but not least, monument is another interesting Mercedes-Benz facts. There is a sculptor of Mercedes-Benz 240 Diesel at Kinden Park Cemetery in New Jersey. The monument was made to remember the demise of a Mercedes enthusiast who died young. The brother of the dead, David, kept no stone unturned to make sure the monument resembles the actual vehicle and its every detail. In 1970, it cost $500,000 to complete work of this monument.

In order to figure out more about this wonderful brand, check out the video!

#11. The Company Manufactures The Longest Sedan In The World

The length of the S-Class Pullman is 6.5 meters. It’s the longest sedan that you can buy in today’s market compared to the average sedan length of 4.7 meters.

#12. Fish-like Cars

A kind of yellow boxfish, a native of the Indo-Pacific region, was the design inspiration of the Mercedes-Benz Bionic, launched in 2005. The reason behind such a unique design was to make the shape aerodynamically efficient.

mercedes-benz facts
A car that looks like a fish

#13. A Bare Metal Body Car

The mechanics of the company had to scrape off the paint and putty of their W 25 car to meet the weight regulations of the Auto Union Grand Prix motor racing in 1934. Nevertheless, it surprisingly won the race, and the German press admirably named it Silver Arrow.

Ferdinand Porsche, Porsche’s founder, designed and developed the Mercedes-Benz T80 in 1939. It was a six-wheeler that was supposed to break the Land Speed Record of the then time. Nevertheless, the speed-test did not take place due to the outbreak of the WWII.

#14. A Mercedes-Benz SUV Was Used In The Jurassic Park Movie

Steven Spielberg used the Mercedes-Benz ML 320 car in his huge blockbuster movie in 1993. The automobile is currently in the display of Stuttgart’s MB Museum, Germany.

Mercedes-benz facts
An SUV featured in the film

#15. Thousands Of Separate Inspections

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Each car goes through thousands of independent inspections during the manufacturing process. There’s one inspector for every eleven workers, and they ensure that there’s no fault in the production or assembly.

#16. Swing Axle Suspension System

The cars won’t create any jarring or shaky feeling because every vehicle sits on a swing axle suspension system. It is highly strong and stable to allow a firm grip on the road.

#17. The Cars Are Not Painted But Drowned In Anti-Corrosion Coating

You won’t probably see this for the vehicles of other manufacturers. The body of each automobile is literally drowned in a 52-ton primer bath. As a result, the anti-corrosion substance reaches every nook and corner.

#18. The brand Uses High-Quality Rust Preventing Ingredient

In addition to the primer coating, the company safeguards its products with permanent plasticized undercoating.  Twenty-five pounds of the anti-rust ingredient is sprayed under the wheels of each and every vehicle.

Mercedes-benz facts
Anti-rust wheels

#19. The Seats Provide Support For Internal Organs

It is surely one of the most impressive Mercedes-Benz facts. The engineers take suggestions from prominent orthopedic physicians to ensure that the seats are highly ergonomic. They provide support for vital body parts such as back, knee-joint, kidneys, etc.

#20. Every Engine Is Tested Before Attaching To The Vehicle

It’s another step in the meticulous manufacturing process. The workers run some tests for more than an hour. During this time, they refill oil for over 60 times so that the engine is clear of dirt and debris.

#21. The Brand’s Founder Got The First Driver’s License

Karl Benz was the founder of the company and the maker of the first practical motorcar. Besides, he was the first person in the world to get a driving license. He received written permission from the Grand Ducal Authority in Luxembourg to drive his automobile on the city streets.

mercedes-benz facts

#22. One Engineer For One Engine

The high-performance division of the brand, Mercedes-AMG, takes up a high standard when manufacturing their vehicles. Also, it adopts the philosophy ‘one man, one engine.’ It means every single car is assembled under the supervision of a single highly-qualified technician. Needless to say, the vehicle has to pass a number of tests after the assembly process.

#23. Cars With An Active Perfuming System

The S-Class cars have four different perfuming options. Marc vom Ende, who works as a perfume specialist for Symrise in Lower Saxony, created those fragrances named Sports Mood, Nightlife Mood, Downtown Mood, and Freeside Mood. All of them complement the leathery smell of new cars.

#24. Michael Schumacher Began And Ended His Career With Mercedes-Benz

It seems quite shocking because Schumacher is famous for his relationship with the Ferrari F1 team. He participated in the World Sportscar Championship under the Mercedes Junior Programme. He ended his career with the Mercedes F1 team in 2012.

  1. Newman Gore says

    I believe in Mercedes even though I’ve not owned one yet. Back in the day, my father had a 240E followed by a 280SE. These cars were more enjoyable to drive than all cars that I’ve owned. Both their red/maroon leather seats were so luxurious. No squeak or rattle as fact 9 states. These cars were driven off-road sometimes, in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa were I grew up.

    1. Trang Tran says

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  2. Dale Liselo says

    My parents had an accident in a 1979 model Mercedes 230.6. They slid off an oil slick on the highway fell 60ft into thr Rift Valley escarpment in Kenya. The car landed 9n its wheels with the main cabin and engine intact. They continued their journey covered 600km and returned home in one piece. Those cars were well built solid reliable tanks. I am a Mercedes fan for life.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for sharing your comment

    2. Hellen says

      Mercedes is my dream car and I drive it, for sure it is a car of it’s own. I LOVE MERCEDES BENZ.

      1. Trang Tran says

        Nice choice!

    3. Kinyanjui says

      Woah… I know that escarpment. Very serious fall. Am glad they made it through unscathed, all thanks to superior technology from Mercedes. I am intending to get the new E Class.

  3. Flint kennedy says

    I fell in love with mercedez in 2004.though i don have one yet but i keep the dream alive.No car like mercedez. , ,am moved by the story of fact 10,the mercdez monument,,,,great love

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment. With your hardwork, you can achieve anything

  4. Saeni Kololi says

    Am in Love with Mercedes…,i plan to own one soon. Thanks for the facts!!

    1. Trang Tran says

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  5. Jimmy says

    The pope does not use Mercedes Benz any more …

  6. matthews Mwansa Mandona says

    I had accident on 15th August,2014.I was driving C200 Mercedes Benz,I was hit by a Nissan Hardbody,the Nissan overturned three times,the Mercedes did not,of course I survived by the grace of God despite the vehicle getting damaged.

  7. Johnson says

    Lovely facts am happy to know about Mercedes. Continues giving us the information

    1. Trang Tran says

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  8. Timothy says

    I have a w202 1998 model,the tip tropic feature is great,the kickdown especially when overtaking on the climbing lane is so powerful.

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  9. Shaikh Belal Mansoor says

    I love Mercedes-Benz alot Its been my dream car since was young I have now bought one C 200 new model and its really the best car have ever dream of to own.It’s stable good music speakers and good interior fast and not much gas guzzler as people fought of.Good shape

    1. Trang Tran says

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  10. Morgan Lombe says

    I believe in the MERCEDES BENZ,i have maintained a 1989 model since 2007,no regrets. I love the motto,the best or nothing! From Zambia,Southern Africa

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for sharing your comment

  11. Jus says

    Always useful information on this site. Just for curiosity sake, any differences (compromises) on the Mercedes A160. It seem to be giving a lot of problems compared to other models. I own one from Japan.

    1. Trang Tran says

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  12. john A says

    It’s rare to overturn a Benz. you really have to struggle. I own one

    1. Trang Tran says

      That’s a great car

  13. Hellen says

    If not MERCEDES BENZ then NONE.

    1. Trang Tran says

      We respect your opinion! Thank you

  14. Sean Carritt says

    I’ve driven a 300D 95model I think then later I got to drive a E320. Both cars were amazingly spacious and very comfortable. Felt like a boat in calm water. Despite the age difference between the two cars. Both very luxurious. And amazing power from the engine with a stock sound system that puts most custom sound systems to shame. Such an amazing car. Even on rough roads they a pleasure to drive. Only maintenance bills are pricey at the Mercedes agents therefore I don’t own one.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for sharing your comment

  15. Patrick Olela says

    Mercedes Benz has been and continues to be my dream car. God willing, I’ll own one soon. The ten facts about this car posted here has increased my confidence and admiration of this gem.

    1. Trang Tran says

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  16. Dennice Adungo says

    Thanks alot that was my dream car and I acquired it Mercedes 124petrol six cylinder speedometer 260km/h I really appreciate it and enjoy my drive,I call it my second wife coz it give me all the services I need on the road let’s drive responsively God bless.

    1. Trang Tran says

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  17. Vincent Odero says

    This is one car I have always admired to own, I will work hard to ensure that I own one in this life.

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    I like it also

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  19. Dennis Otieno says

    Looking at any of the Mercedes-Benz models from the front you will notice that car gives an impresion of a smile. Quite welcoming. Anytime you see a Mercedes-Benz car, you will know it even before you notice/see its logo – you can never cofuse it with any other car.Finally I have never come across a Mercedes-Benz car whose engine rattles!

    1. Trang Tran says

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  20. Frederick Ochieng says

    I am presently 63 years old and I and my first car ( a Volkswagen Beetle) at age 23.
    Over the last 40 years I have lived by the Grace of God, I have to date been through 42 cars and currently own a Mercedes S320, a Volvo XC70, a Jeep Gand Cherokee, and a Nissan Xtrail. My Current Mercedes S320 is the 5th That I have owned through my life ( the others having been a Mercedes 300D Diesel – Estate, a Mercedes 300 D Turbo Diesel (Saloon), a Mercedes ML270 and a Mercedes C200 Compressor).
    Through This I have found greatest Ownership Satisfaction in drive Comfort, safety and everything considered in the Mercedes (followed by Volvo) and I do not foresee myself for the time I may be favored with on earth buying any other car than a Mercedes (Looking forward to a GL350 or 420!)

  21. David says

    10 facts of mercedes benz left me Wow,i love c models mercedes i believe i day i will own one,thank you for your information its real useful

  22. shahenshah says

    there is nothing great abt mercedes benz

    1. Trang Tran says

      U dont like Mercedes?

      1. shah says

        see problem is that in developing markets like india many people are having complaints with mercedes and luxury brands google it

  23. Antoney Kariuki says

    God knows how much i am in love with Mercedes.It is long lasting,classy,Beautiful,Official,Maintainable[1800 cc) and the list is so long.I do not have any car and i don’t think its even in the near future because of my humble state but if its God’s will i believe i will no matter how long it takes.Irrespective of all this,Mercedes is my dream car and My faith is high.Mercedes forever.

  24. Eddie says

    I have owned two models of Mercedes Benz, 280s 116 model very luxurious and E220 124 model. These cars are just superb. Am looking forward to purchasing a C Class soon and believe you me i have not found any better car than Mercedes Benz.

  25. Lil rich says

    I haven’t yet owned one but I dream of owning one some day. It’s very beautiful

  26. John Kawooya says

    Mercedes Benz has been my dream car, I currently own an E200 2000 model, its my sixth car and five of them have been E class having started with E230. This was a great car with amazing performance.. God willing I want to retire in a G class, any model and capacity will be good enough! I just can not explain how much I am in love with G Class. Every moment I spot one in my bumpy kampala streets, I turn round, my heart stops to beat for while until it has fully gone out of my sight., I love mercedes, the power and I do not think I will ever have enough of it,!! Just as the slogan goes, simply the best or none. Long live Mercedes Benz manaufacturer.

  27. Paddyudu says

    I will never get out of Mercedes production because they are the best for me I love Mercedes cars. Paddyudu nwa Awkuzu.

  28. Rajan kadege says

    Among of my biggest dream is to own Mercedes Benz, I really appreciate the technology.

  29. Rajan kadege says

    I really appreciate the technology, Mercedes Benz is my dream to own it soon

  30. Baldwin Chiyamwaka says

    My fourth vehicle was a Mercedes Benz C200. That was the first time I drove the most comfortable, stable, well build strong bodied vehicle in my driving experience. By that time I had driven a variety of Toyota brands including Mark II, Gaia, Elmina Lucida, Hillux 4×4 DCabin etc. I later changed to Nissan Xtrail, a great car itself but missed the Mercedenz Benz so much. I therefore bought a C240. The first time my wife drove it she said “like driving on the carpet. I love Mercedenz Benz. If God Graciously keeps me alive for the next many years and sustains my income to own a car, obviously my first choice is a Mercedenz Benz. My current dream car is the GL 4matic.

  31. Davie says

    Keep it up cfj,never drove one,but at the fullness of time and the hardwork will own one some day….

  32. Shane says

    Mercedes Benz are one of the ultra rugged vehicles, they last long enough before reaching their capacity of replacement I mean the transmission will never break as long as it is well maintained unlike other brands that will never reach 200k or more miles without tearing ur breaking up parts by parts, Mercedes Benz are being marked as one of the toughest and ultra rugged vehicle around the world, relative names are Hispano Suiza, Daimler Benz and as mentioned by the article itself Karl Benz, those names are legends of its own, ask Mercedes Benz owners what makes them stick forever on that brand, why? What? And the best ?

    You’ll never regret owning one.

  33. Leonard says

    My all time dream car…….precious and comfortable .

  34. Steven Malamba says

    I came to love mercedes benz in 1983 while I was in college when I read about the 280SE. I vowed to own one when I start work. I bought the 280S in February 2003. I have never looked back. I have owned four different models of merc since then. I now want either a g- or m-class by next year! O Lord help me!

  35. Briton Marrumbine says

    I am happy to be informed about the Benz, I love it


  36. Daniel says

    Every positive comment on Mercedes car is 99.9 percent true. I have driven and owned three types E 200,C220 and now C 200 compressor. The best cars I have ever owned and driven.

  37. stephen mandimika says

    A dream come true. I now drive a Mercedes C280 V6. The beast has the comfort and power including endurance regardless of the distance and high speed drive.

  38. Jonathan says

    Mercedes are the best… the most sturdy and hardy, I don’t have one yet, but my dream to own one is valid.

  39. Mike says

    I drive a 2017 Mercedes CLA 250 and fir the price point there is no better car in its class.Mercedes!!!!

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  41. ISAAC SHAVA says

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  42. hitlers grandson says

    u made tanks for hitler good job

    hail hitler

  43. hitlers grandson says

    u made tanks for hitler good job

    hail hitler

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  46. Spencer Soyemi says

    Currently, own a 2006 s500 and can’t wait to get a g63 AMG SUV. The Benz is the ultimate ride to own and collect.

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