5 Biggest Vehicle Recalls Of June 2019 – The List

Automakers do not want to hear the term Recall at all. But sometimes things do not go as one expects. The automobile manufacturers disobey safety standards while designing a vehicle. And as a result the company has to recall all the vehicles for repair. The safety recall happens to fix the faulty automobile parts. The biggest vehicle recalls in June 2019 comprise millions of vehicles.

The automobile manufacturers recall the vehicles to minimize the safety risk. Recalling millions of vehicles to repair is not less than a crisis to the automakers. It is not always the safety issue that calls for recall. There are many other complaints in the vehicle resulting in a recall.

Let us prepare the list of biggest recalls from June 2019.

The Complete List Of 5 Biggest Vehicle Recalls In June 2019

From Ford to Audi many famous automobile brands make manufacturing error. The automakers manufacturing process error leads to car recall in no time. The manufacturers violate safety standards resulting in a safety recall. It can be the faulty airbags, transmission or suspension issue, and more. The safety administration recalls all the vehicles and stops the production until the issue resolves.

Here is the list of automakers that undergo recalls in June 2019.

1. Ford Explorer

One of the biggest vehicle recalls of June 2019 was Ford recalling more than one million Explorers. The chief reason behind recalling was a steering issue. People were experiencing steering control issue. Ford Explorer models from 2011-2017 were having this serious safety issue. Steering control issue can increase the risks of the crash on the roads.

The biggest vehicle recalls of June 2019- The List
People were experiencing steering control issue (Photo Source: Pixabay)


2. Audi A3

Audi is one of the famous vehicle manufacturers across the globe. But it also has its name on the list of biggest vehicle recalls. And the reason behind recall was faulty airbags. The German automakers produce some remarkable luxury vehicles. But the airbags malfunctioning cost a little higher to these manufacturers. According to industry knowledge, the vehicle automatically deactivates the passenger side airbag.

3. Ford F-150

Ford F-150 pickup trucks were under the recall process at the beginning of this year. But there was some serious issue with the software that controls the power train module. The vehicle downshifts to the first gear unintentionally. It was a serious issue that required recall on an immediate basis. The issue might result in a crash on the roads. The professionals decide to reprogram the software to get rid of the issue.

4. Audi Q5

Model Q5 was another Audi vehicle found its name on the list. The major issue in this vehicle was the detaching of wheel arch cover trim. It was a critical issue in this German-made incredible Audi model. The wheel arch cover trim detaches after a certain interval. The same increases the risk of the crash on the roads.

5. Mazda 3S

Mazda has its name on the biggest vehicle recalls list as well. The reason behind recall was the loose wheel lug nuts. These lug nuts were not properly tightened and can result in serious crash anytime.

Biggest vehicle recalls of June 2019 You Must Know
The biggest vehicle recalls in June 2019 (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Final Words

All in all, these were the biggest vehicle recalls of June 2019. Most of the reasons behind recall are safety issues. These issues need to be resolve on time.